Achievement 1 : Self-Introduction to STEEMIT

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Hello Steemit! It feels so good to be here. I am Dinkey Ryalle Alegado, I used the username keyryalle because I think it is a cute username and I 've been using this since I started to have social media accounts. My real name is a result of my parents' creative minds. I am from the Philippines, a tropical country in Asia. Our country has a lot of tourist destination that we are very proud of. Soon if you guys want to visit, I am very much happy to accompany and tour you ;)


I am a member of a small but happy family. I am the eldest and I have a younger brother. At first, I really wish to have a big family because I envy those big family having a fun time together especially during holidays, I think there is so much fun and chaos. But as time goes by, I appreciate my family because we can have an intimate and heart to heart talk together and I think that is the most important thing.


Currently I am a public school teacher here in the Philippines and I handle Science subject. I love Science with all my heart but teaching is not the first choice that I want but the moment I stepped into the classroom and saw the eyes of my students, the eyes of my students, I fall in love with the profession because I feel my purpose here. It is not an easy job, yes, in fact it is tiresome but at the end of the day it is fulfilling. The picture below is during Teacher's Day where my students surprised me, offered me flowers, sing a song for me and told me that they really appreciate me. It is very heart-warming.


I am very excited to be in this platform because now I can share to the world the things that I am interested in and this can also be my personal diary. I am sure that over the years as I go over my profile I'll have a smile as I look back over the memories that I shared here. Things that makes my little heart flutter, like eating out. Oh how I love eating out, trying new foods and new cuisine. Aside from that I also love the spontaneous talk with my friends and loved ones while trying the foods. I never get tired of listening to their stories and also learn from them. There is no boring story while eating, you agree?



I also love to travel. Oh I never get tired to travel. I love to explore places, this makes me so ecstatic because I love to explore. Every places I go with my friends and family I get to experience there culture and discover new things and these things can make me change my perspectives in life. It tells me how to be alive.



I also like cats and I am very excited to share them here in Steemit. Their energy and cuteness keeps me sane. After work they greet me and all my stress immediately evaporates. Aside from cats I also have a pet dog and I love him so much I strongly believe that they are angels sent from above.


Lastly, I also love planting. I am a self-proclaimed green thumb. I care about the environment so much and I want to protect it in every little step that I know. In our home, planting is the bonding time of me and my mom. In school also I love to participate in things related to this. The Earth has given us many things that we should be thankful for and it is just right to take care of it.

Anyways thanks to my friends for introducing me to this community @jenesa
@umme @aprilmaireyaun @mylenebermejo

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This is just my start here in Steemit but I am very excited to share a glimpse of my life. I am very glad to be here in Steemit.


Welcome to steemit community ma'am more blessings to come...

Thank you so much @blaogao , more blessings to you too.