Children are disturbed by the eight habits of adults:

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Hello friends, how are you? I hope you will all be fine by the grace of Allah. Friends, today's topic is about training of children, which is very important that we all want to follow. Here are eight habits that can affect a child's development.


In this way, children are constantly learning something from the adults around them, but eight habits of parents and family members can be leads to children in stress. It has been observed that children who experience these eight habits shows more stress or anxiety than other children as they grow up. His personality may come to a halt. Children consider evrything about their father and mother. Even when you are crying, you take note of everything. At any time, you can take a hard line with them and see how they look at you. Children also try to repeat what their father or mother said or did.


We think we are teaching them but they themselves are learning a lot from us even when we think they are not looking at us. They copy every single one of our payments, whether they go through their hearing or feel it. Parents are great role models for their children. It is also true that they do not always see their parents doing good things, they learn less when we are doing the best we can. So unfortunately we are teaching our own children bad things. Like getting angry over trivial things, speaking in a sharp tone. If a father thinks that his child is not learning the bitter word, he is wrong.


Parents talk less:

Apparently there is no abomination in it but experts say that when the child does not exchange his thoughts in front of his parents, he will not be able to do so. He also does not openly express his feelings.

Not controlling anger:

If someone's son is making noise by hitting toys on the floor, it is quite possible that he will pick it up and throw it out the window. This is not a good thing because the child did not see the fermentation that comes inside you before this process. He only saw the process of throwing the toy out. This is what he learned. When you are angry, Share your thoughts with

To swear:

When a father swears repeatedly to reassure someone, the child realizes that people may not trust his father, and the child's faith is shaken. Therefore, swearing in front of children is not a good thing and should be avoided.

Don't admit your mistake:

Some people think that admitting a mistake weakens the power, but it doesn't. When a father insists on his mistake while talking to someone in front of the child, the child understands what is happening. When no one admits wrongdoing, he closes the door on his correction. Her son learns the same thing. Doing so can reduce his ability to solve problems.

Excessive concern:

Parents are very concerned about their children should be taught that they can solve their problems easily. If you try to correct them, they may not be able to learn to deal with the problem on their own.

Rotate things in tension:

Some people keep moving around the things in trouble and think that every problem will be solved. This helps the children to understand how much trouble and distress the father is in. The child does not express his problem at home instead of expressing it. Parents do not understand that something has happened to her at school or that her friends have disturbed her. In this regard, it should be asked that they have no worries or worries.

Frequent use of the phone:

At home, when your eyes are fixed on the color-changing screen of the telephone, then the child is also looking for your attention. Most of your son's time was spent on the telephone. He thinks that you are not his first priority or that you are not fully focused on him. He may also reduce his focus towards you. So give your kids free time throughout the day.

Emotion control:

It can be natural for a father to get emotional about anything at home. But this is not good for the child. You should take care of his personal health and be moderate in the intensity of his emotions and speech.

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