my presentation to the steemit community - Achievement 1

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Hi! community of newcomers!

My name is Fernando Lemos, I am 20 years old, I live in Nueva Esparta state - Venezuela, I am the father of a 1 year old baby named Marcos Ferdinand, I am a charismatic and very funny person, I have a very characteristic sense of humor. Soccer is one of my passions, I could say that I have a lot of talent for this sport. music is another of them, life without music would be meaningless. I play several instruments among these the ones I like the most are the piano and the drums.


this is my son marc when he was 7 months old


I am number 41, this photo is my property


here I am with the whole team


here I am with my friends, I love music

One of the questions that I read that I had to put in my introduction post was:

“What kinds of posts do I expect to read written by other people?”

The truth is that I am very inclined to music but there is a diversity of content that I would like to read, it can be about music, sports, movies, stories, personal writings, publications about pets. there is nothing specific. any post would be very welcome.

My favorite book is The Victor is Alone by Paulo Coelho, I have other favorites, for example all the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings books!

My favorite movie is: An Eternal Radiance Of A Mind Without Memories.

I don't have any knowledge about Blockchain, it is the first time that I access a platform of this type.

What kind of posts will I create?

I heard about “The Diary Game” and I find it very interesting, I think I will participate in it and my main publications will be there, I also heard about the “MusicForSteem” community I would like to record videos for this community with my partner, mother of my son Marcos @jenniferalessio

How did I meet Steemit?

I got to know Steemit thanks to @jenniferalessio, she insisted me on being a member of this community. “Steemit” spoke to me very well about this platform, said that it i would be well received, and that I could be free to be me, and well here I am.

What do I hope to achieve?

I hope to have many followers of my work in music, I hope to make friends, and I hope to grow to the point of being an important member, if I do well here, I will help others to have the same luck.

Thank you very much for your time and for reading my post, greetings!



Perfecto amigo @lemosfernand, ahora prepárate para continuar con los siguientes pasos que son muy sencillos.
Aquí te dejo los enlaces en español para los revises cada uno: logro 2, logro 3 y logro 4. Con al menos con estas 4 tareas cumplidas, entras a optar por los 500 SP de Minnowsuport.
Para cada una de las tareas aquí asignadas, crearás un post en Newcomers, en cada cada caso explicarás o describirás como hiciste esa actividad en tu caso, con algunas fotos creativas. Es algo muy sencillo.
El equipo de CR de Venezuela: @adeljose, @edlili24, @mariita52, @tocho2, y mi persona @anasuleidy… Todos nosotros estamos para ayudarte en lo que necesites.

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Bienvenido Fernando! te damos una cálida bienvenida a Steemit, es bueno tenerte aquí! verás que rápidamente irás avanzando y aprendiendo a trabajar en esta comunidad, te invito a participar en #thediarygame y veas las últimas actualizaciones de #steemitblog Saludos!

#twopercent #venezuela

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Bienvenido @lemosfernand un gusto dare la bienvenida a steemit, em mejor de los éxitos..


Saludos 🇻🇪 👍

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Conchale aún no he tenido la oportunidad de leer a Coelho pero espero poder hacerlo pronto. 👍🏼 Te doy la bienvenida a la plataforma esperando que te guste un montón donde harás muchos amigos sin duda. Saludos paisano. #onepercent #affable #venezuela

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Hi, @lemosfernand.
Welcome to steemit.
Follow @steemitblog for updates.
Have a nice day

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Welcome to steemit

You can follow the #betterlife #thediarygame project organized by @steemitblog.

For the latest update of the season three diary game, you can get the complete guide at the following link 👇
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Hello @lemosfernand greetings from @razuahmed . Welcome to steemit. It's a great platform .. you can participate on #thediarygame season-3.... Better Life with steem and Steem Crypto Challenge Month . Follow @steemitblog for upcoming contest and challenge


Welcome to Steem.

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Welcome to steemit platform.
And keep following @steemitblog for updates.

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Hola @lemosfernand, encontré tu logro 1 gracias a tu post del logro 2 que has publicado recientemente.

En apoyo a la verificación que hizo previamente nuestra compañera @anasuleidy, hago esta revisión para pasar a tu post del logro 2.

Este post está verificado. Lamento que no te haya asignado la etiqueta oportunamente pero nunca es tarde.

El equipo de CR de Venezuela: @ anasuleidy, @ adeljose, @ edili24, @ inspiración, @ albenis, @ wilmer1988 y yo (@tocho2), estamos para apoyarte.