Achievement 4 by @msarwar45045 Task: Applying Markdowns

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Hello Steemians!

i have posted my achievement 4. and now i am tired about applying markdowns. I have completed my achievement 3 and now I am going to create an achievement 4 for @cryptokannon.


#Headline 1
##Headline 2
###Headline 3
####Headline 4

Start at the bottom when you need to leave the hashtag and phrase in b / w

Headline 1

Headline 2

Headline 3

Headline 4

Markdown Method For Bold Headlines

** using bold syntax **


using bold syntax
it is used for title paragraphs and it's very important.

Markdown for creating slip Headline

To improve this, replace the text at the beginning and end of the sentence

** for itali syntax **

Results Is

for itali syntax

For Table

It's also a very easy way to create a table in the mail and paste and paste it into another account

Colum 1| Colum 2
R 1 | R 2


Colum 1Colum 2
R 1R 2

For center Texts

This is called text alignment. Used to add when using the middle of the text on a page

< center > text here </ center >


text here

Subscript for Add

This function is used to add numbers or text above the baseline.

< Sub > text or number here </ sub >


text or number here

I discuss the above 5 markdowns. Thanks for reading my post for help.

Special Mention


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Hi @msarwar45045,


You have been successfully verified by amjadsharif, you can further proceed to next Achievement Task.

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 4 months ago 

Thank You Sir @amjadshrif

You must not repeat the same publications, this is not allowed in Steemit.


 4 months ago (edited)

Hi my friend @amjadsharif. It is good to check the profiles of the newcomers, this achievement has already been cured before. Achievement 4 by @msarwar45045 Task: Applying Markdowns


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I have not upvoted by any curators @inspracion @amjadsharif

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