Achievement 2: @ndukaku TASK: Basic and Vital Security on steemit

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It is of great importance we know what is security???
Security is the degree of resistance to, or protection from harm. Valuable assets are usually secured from using many forms like passwords, codes, pins and so many others.


In the light of that, the great importance of the steemit block chain calls for the delegation of several keys to keep the steemit block chain secured and protected from hackers or crackers.

The keys include:
*private posting key
*private memo key
*private active key
*private owner key
*tron private key
*tron public key (tron address)


PRIVATE POSTING KEYS: used to login to platform to execute social actions like posting, commenting and voting

PRIVATE MEMO KEY: its use is for decrypting of private transfer memos

PRIVATE ACTIVE KEY: used for monetary and wallet related actions such as transferring tokens or powering steem up or down

PRIVATE OWNER KEY: used in reseting all keys

PUBLIC KEYS: they are merely used to encrypt and verify messages and the keys are in to do with usernames

TRON PRIVATE KEY: used for signing of transactions of TRON like voting, freezing and transferring of tokens

TRON PUBLIC KEY: merely a few transfers

MASTER PASSWORD: The password used in generating the document.


  1. Have I retrieved all my password on steemit and how do I know?
    ANSWER: Yes I have and it was saved as pdf

  2. Do I know the functions of these keys?
    ANSWER: Yes I do, as I stated above

  3. How do I keep my keys and password safe
    ANSWER: I have to back it up somewhere which has has to be online and offline incase of hard drive failure or other calamities.

  4. Do I know what to do if I discovered that someone hacked my account?
    ANSWER: Yes I do, I have to immediately visit the stolen account recovery page

  5. Do I know how to report security issues?
    ANWSER: Yes I do, I report to [email protected]

  6. How does stolen account recovery process work??
    ANSWER: it must be completed within the space of 30 days at which the password was changed and I must supply my key that was valid within the next 30 days.

  7. Is there safe leaking my private keys to another user or a third party website?
    ANSWER: it is not safe, since it will gain full access to my account, which will cause the account to be stolen and equally the funds in it.

  8. How can someone power up his/her steem?
    ANSWER: The procedures are;



  1. Can I transfer steem token to another steem user account?
    ANSWER: Yes I can, by following the processes below



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