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Hello Steemnians Good day my name is Johnel Cesa, I am from canjulao Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu , I'm 21 years old and a hight of 5'8 and 68 kilograms. and I have 5 siblings, 3 boys and 2 girls and total of sixth and I'm the fifth among of the sixth. And My Mother is a housewife and my Father's occupation is a driver.

My hobbies:
I love to draw,paint, organize things, I also love cooking, I am also good in modeling. I love playing sports as well volleyball, swimming and Arnis. when I am exhausted or stressed I usually listen to music, I'll watch some movies And I also love to travel with my friends. and lastly I love taking care of pets or animals to gain more extra money, right now I have 2 hamster and a dog and roasting that taking off by my father.



My education:
I finished my Elementary in Babag 1 Elementary School, l finished my Junior and Senior High in Babag National High School ,And I am currently studying in Collage at Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise taking a course Mechanical Engineering.


My goal:

I want to finish my degree and find a decent job to help my family to get out to the puberty life that we had right now. And I want to travel more and get more adventures with my friends and to my future someone someday. And Lastly my goal here in steemit is to have fun streaming and posting here and to get more friends that can inspire me day by day while using steemit.

One of my dearest friend invite me to sign up here in steemit and to try new things and also we can post here anything that can we show off to world especially to our achievements in life and we can see here an inspiration post that can help to boast up our confident and knowledge.

In my elementary days I'm one of representative in my school to play a volleyball and we get home with a gold medal. And in my highschool days I am also one of representative in my school to play Arnis and but sadly I got silver medal only but it's okay because that time is my first time and last time to join that challenging sports competition. In my college days I become a chairman of my department and I challenge again myself to join another challenging competition like swimming sport and I proudly to say that I am a silver medalist in new field of sport competition.



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Welcome to steemit community @nelcesa123, post, engage and earn. Keep steeming and enjoy...

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Thank you @reyarobo

Welcome to the platform @nelcesa123 ,

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Thank you @marlon82

Welcome @nelcesa123. Just keep on steeming

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Thank you @yen80

Welcome to steemit community kuya @nelcesa123!! and just keep on steeming and enjoy!!

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Thank you inday @agentlin423

Hi @nelcesa123 welcome to steemit! If you can please add a little more information in your introduction so we can verify you and let you advance for the next achievement task. Please add ACHIEVEMENT 1 on your title.

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  • How you found Steemit and what you hope to accomplish here.

After updating your post please notify me, just leave a comment or reply here or my latest post so I can check it right away.

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Hello Sir, Thank you for welcoming and giving me a tips here in steemit. And I just want to inform you that I already revise my introduction as what you said. And once again thank you for your all out support to me. Have a nice day a head.

Welcome to Steemit @nelcesa123

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Thank you ❤️ @remay

Welcome to STEEMIT world @nelcesa123. Hope to see more creative content from you. Enjoy!

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Than you for a warm welcome. ❤️ @momshie85

Hi @nelcesa123, welcome to Steemit Community! You have been verified and you may proceed to the next achievement task at your convenience.

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