Achievement 5 Task 1 by @nishadi88 : Review

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Hello everyone.....
This is my 5th task. With @cryptokannon's advise , I will go here and understand the work and present what I have learned as follows.


The main thing I learned after reading this review by @yohanzon is that a user can analyze all the information related to their account through a tool called steem world. This was developed by @steemchiller. The main purpose of this is to facilitate a steemit user to properly manage his account.

How to check Reward Summary for All time, last 30 days and last 7 days for your account.

I first logged in to the website with my username. Later I was able to retrieve my account information by clicking on the dashboard in the left corner of the page. Then I checked the rewards summary under the status tab for the last 30 days and the last 7 days.

Step 01:-


Step 02:-


Step 03:-


Explain What is Delegations, type of Delegations and how to Delegate SP.

• Shows outgoing and incoming deletions for our account.

• Outgoing delegations are the amount of steem power we share with other accounts.

• An incoming delegations team is someone who has assigned their sp to us.

How to Delegate SP

  1. Click on the Delegation tab.

  2. Click "Delegate". Then a pop-up will appear.

  3. Then enter the name of the account you want to transfer steem power to and the amount of steem power you want to transfer.

  4. Then click the ok button that appears and after confirming the delegates' pop up, click the yes button only if the information is correct.

  5. As a final step, enter the private active key and give yes.

How to check Incoming and Outgoing Votes and explain this with screenshots of both votes for your account.

Go to the Statistics tab and click separately on the outgoing and incoming tabs in the lower right corner to get graphic notes about outgoing votes and incoming votes.





How to check your upvote value and at different voting weights using this tool?


Our current voting power is displayed in the upper left corner. The center of the graphic chart shows the percentage of voting power up to 2 decimal places. Moving the mouse cursor over it will show you how the size changes at different levels. The more that voting power is used, the greener it will look. I currently have 100Sp. So my vote is still of no value.

My vote value

How to check account operations for past 7 days and what all details can be checked?

Moving the cursor down will bring up a tab containing information related to the activity of the accounts. That tab is located in the left corner. It also allows you to select the desired time periods and check the activity with the account.


You can also get the information below by clicking on this all button.

Author and Curation rewards

Author rewards are the rewards an author receives for posting a blog post. This is 50% of the total prize. The rewards we receive when voting and commenting on someone else's blog post are called curation rewards. The curator will receive 50% of the total prize.

Example for my blog post

Thank you...

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Good luck nangi.. You have gathered all the necessary information and nicely completed the post. keep up..
I also learned lots of new stuff. Thanks

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Thank for your feedback....😊

Congratulations and it's really well explained and interesting to read.

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