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It begins with just a dream,
But kicks off with baby steps,
Learn as you proceed,
And be sure to keep going,

Choose quality over quantity,
Eliminate the chaff in your work,
Let your best work prevail,
And your light will surely shine,

A dormant brain is like a dying star,
Not quite dead yet,
Providing an avenue of hope,
Apply some pressure on yourself,
And jumpstart its core,

We're all capable of success,
It's a question of who wants it more,
Prove yourself regularly,
And its gateway will surely open,

It might not be comfortable,
It might not be easy,
But once you commit to the path,
The journey becomes shorter,

On your quest to succeed,
Remember to be great,
Not once, not twice,
But greatness throughout,

Consistency is key.

Thank you for your attention.

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