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This beautiful creature starts off as just an egg left to the mercy of the world. Harsh weather conditions, activities of pests and parasites and all adversities stands in its way. Not born unprepared, it was given a tough exoskeleton to withstand all the atrocities it is likely to face.

Possessing neither a mouth nor nose, the only food it knows is water. But it still breaths with the openings it was given, called micropiles. Slowly and patiently it advances to the pupa, larva and then becomes a caterpillar.



This gives it legs and 6 tiny eyelets to maneuver its way on earth. It then awaits the glorious day where it would finally stretch out its wings and finally fend for itself.

This is to say that hope is always in your back pocket. Never give up on it. Give life your best and and its follow up showers of blessings will enable you to fly.

Thank you for your attention


Hi @njaywan, It was really informative. Thanks for sharing .. keep more comming. good day !

Thanks for reading through. I'm glad you liked it.

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