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I have been able to write down my achievement post from 1 to 3 and verified, I am here again to complete the fourth achievement which is the applying markdown


POWER OF ATTORNEY is made this.. Day ..2021



All being the accredited representative of ORIMOYEGUN FAMILY at ibogun olaogun village, ifo local government area, ogun State of Nigeria. Acting themselves and on behalf of (hereinafter referred to as the "THE FAMILY") which expression shall where the context so admits include their heirs, heiresses, executors, successor-in-title, personal Representatives and assign of ONE PART.


SURVEYOR BOLAJI OLAMILEKAN (BOLLAMZ SURVEY & CONSTRUCTION), along ilaro road opposite technical college, Ajegunle town, Ewekoro local government area, ogun state, Nigeria. (Hereinafter refer to as "THE SURVEYOR"), which expression shall the context so admits include their heirs, heiresses, executors, successor-in-title, personal Representatives and assign of OTHER PART.


  1. The family seized of the larger tract of parcel of land traditionally situate at ibogun olaogun village, ifo local government area, ogun State of Nigeria. Under Yoruba native law and custom from time immemorial.

  2. The family has been in continuous, exclusive and undisturbed possession of the whole larger tract of the Land which is the SUBJECT MATTER of this agreement and thereby exercising all act of ownership thereon by dwelling and farming/cultivating on the land.

  3. The family being desirous of surveying its larger tract of parcel of land has approached the service of the consultant for the following:-

(a) To carry out the perimeter survtey of the land and map out the boundaries of the aforesaid land in directions.

(b) To determine the number of acres/plots therein, and the number of acres/plots so determined shall be shown on a composite plan.

(c) To carry out the individual survey plan of each ploys/acres as may be assigned or sold to any prospective buyer of which cost shall be sponsored by the which concerned assignee or buyer from time to time.


The parties are hereby agreed on the following understanding and records:-

  • That the consultant, the workers or accredited agent(s) shall to the exclusion of all others be recognised and allowed by the family to carry out all the aforementioned services on the aforesaid land.

  • That the consultant shall bear the cost of surveying, printing of the composite plan of the layout of the plot and other incidental expenses that may arise therein.

  • That in consultants for the service rendered on i) and ii) above the consultant shall be entitled to a plot of land out of every acres(6 plots) of land surveyed.

  • Further the to iii) above, the entitlements shall be free from any encumbrance from the family or a group of members of the family.

  • That the consultant shall have every legal right to dispose their own portion of the land, while the family shall issue receipt to the consultant and/or intended assignee.

  • That the family hereby undertakes to execute any other deed or instrument as may be required by the consultant and to idemnify them against all losses suffered, any cost, damages and expenses incurred in consequences of any defect in tile or right of the family to the subject matter of this assignment.

Big thanks to our leader putting us through in all of our difficulties
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