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Greetings everyone


My name is Remuel Bacani, 27 years old I am happily married and have a pretty daughter.
I'm originally from the Pearl of the Orient Seas (The Philippines), but now I'm currently residing at The Land of the Rising Sun (Japan)

grad pic.jpg
I'm a Bachelor's degree holder in Mechanical Engineering, and I had 3 years of experience in this field, but now I am currently a Technical Intern Trainee here in Japan
Right now I am interested in crypto/cryptocurrencies/blockchain, though I do not know this field right now, maybe in the future with the help of all the good people here in STEEMIT I will gain ideas and understand exactly how it works.




My hobbies are traveling, exploring new places, taking pictures, listening to music, eating/cooking, playing sports and I am also interested in learning new things. as the saying goes "The only constant in life is change".
in this platform, I want to share my experiences, my knowledge, and everything I know to help or to inform others.
That's all for my introduction, I'm looking forward to being a part of the STEEMIT community.
I would also like to thank @cryptokannon for your guide and never-ending support for the newcomers to this platform

Best regards and always keep safe and healthy everyone.


Welcome to #steemit @remtubz! Keep on steeming!

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Thank you!

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You intro is very good your pictures shows you must travel one place to another and you likes travelling
You intro post is awesone. Keep it up!

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Bienvenido a esta hermosa plataforma y gran familia. Mucho éxito!

There is a Japan community here if you like

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Thank you so much!

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Noted, thank you so much

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Bienvenido a steemit, igual que tu soy nueva muchos exitoss...

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Gran presentacion amigo, bienvenido a steemit, igual que tu soy nueva

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Welcome in this platform. You can Great in this platform

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Hi welcome to our community
Follow my link

Welcome to Steemit! 😊

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Thank you for welcoming me and for the verification, @cryptokannon.