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Hello everyone,
I'm here to talk about the security on steemit. When I first joined, I thought to myself that for a social media, all the several keys weren't necessary, I mean, just a regular password should be sufficient, but with some time, I also realized that steemit is way more complex than other socials. for me the security on this platform is adequate.
Now, to go into the various keys and their functions, shall we?


PRIVATE MASTER PASSWORD: The master password in my opinion is really important, considering the fact that through it, a steemit user can generate other keys/ passwords. This key should be kept offline in my opinion, in case of hackers.

PRIVATE POSTING KEY: This is another important password of about 50 characters, its the key that is used to log in to a user's profile, to make posts and access the steemit wallet of the said user. This key also allows the user to do other important stuff too like upvoting and downvoting, commenting on posts, editing posts too and also resteeming posts.

PRIVATE OWNER'S KEY: The private owner's key is a key mainly for recovery, in case the real owner of the account needs to change their key, or their account seemed to be compromised, it comes to play, and can be used to recover that compromised account or change a key.

PRIVATE ACTIVE KEY: The private active key is needed for engaging in wallet transactions, like power up and power down transactions, converting SBD [steem dollars], updating profile details on your profile, and placing market orders.

MEMO KEY: The memo key is used for encryption and decryption of memos during fund transfers.

In addition, a user is also given a couple of Tron keys and other public keys that may be shared, but as for the private keys discussed above, they should not be exposed to third parties, and should be kept safe. Some may keep theirs on their mails, but in my opinion, it's still kind of risky. I'd advice the keys to be kept offline.

let's dive into the wallet, and it's features:
Below is a screenshot of how the steem wallet interface looks like, you can only access this interface when you log in to steemit.


now let's talk about how to do the important transfers, like transfering steem to another steem wallet, or to binance, in case you want to withdraw funds, or have the steem in your binance wallet.


no 0.png

STEP1: click on that little drop down button besides the steem value you have [like mine is currently at 0.001 steem]
STEP2: select the first Transfer and a dialogue interface would show up, look at it below.

no 1.png

STEP3: Fill in the boxes adequately, and click on Next, this should take you to a "transfer successful" page.

now in the case you'd like to have the steem on your binance wallet, you fill in "deepcrypto8" at the To box, and in the memo, you should fill in your binance wallet address.

no 2.png

and obviously, at the Amount box, you enter your desired amount.

well that's it for my achievement 2 post, I hope everyone that reads this finds it informative. special thanks to @cryptokannon for being so hardworking!.

Thank you so much for reading through my post if you did.
ps: comment if you want, I'd like to know everyone's views on my post too.

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Thank you so much!!!!

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