#Achievment 1 hello everyone! i'm sakura from sri lanka!

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Achievment 1 hello everyone! i'm sakura from sri lanka

Hi friends i'm sakura from sri lanka. some time it's hard to explain about youself ...somehow i will start as usual🙂

my verification photo

i'm 18 years old😋 and i'm a still school student. i'm doing A/L in commerce stream and my school is VGC kandy.🤗


with my friends


i live in kandy. temple of tooth which is worship by worldwide buddhists is located in my city..👈 i must say that kandy is popular torrism destination..🤗

i got a huge vacation in this covid 19 period but it weren't beautiful..😪..i have small fammily mom,dad,sister and me...🤗 i'm the youngest girl in my fammily ..

If Tell some thing more about me i can dance , sing and act .i hope to share all these things in this platform with you guyes.😋🤗 i have to say that these are my hobbyes i feel like steemit going to be my next hobby🤗

I'm a girl whoes life is dancing and someone who faling love with k drama airtists🤗🙂.. someone who work to make there dreams 👈come true🙂🙂

that's all about me....

this seems so good thankyou for introducing me to steemit @vishwara and @inudi.. hope you enjoy the reading..🙂💛

stay safe..


Hello Sis...

Welcome to Steemit! Hope you will enjoy your journey on Steemit. I feel you are very lucky to join steemit in such a young age.

This is a wonderful platform which you can persue your dreams and passion!

#onepercent #srilanka

Thank you..sister...🥰

@sakura2003 Welcome to Steemit Community!

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Hi @sakura2003
Welcome to this wonderful platform and also wish you a good journey with the steemit.♥️♥️♥️