Achievement 2:Basic Steemit security by @salmashraf

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Hey Newcomers Steeminas !!!!

Here is me @salmashraf I hope you all are well and perfect. I have completed my Achievement 1 month ago. Now I am going for achievement 2 that is all about security of STEEMIT .As a newComers to the world of Steemit , I have to learned a lot about STEEMIT.


Questions and Answers about steemit security:

1.Have you retried all your keys on steemit?

Of course ,I have retrieved all the keys in a safe place. I know these keys is very important for me . I'm save them in my google drive and also save them my laptop hard drives.I'm also saved them in a hard form.

2.Do you know each of these key functions and restrictions?

Yes,I'm aware very well about the functions and restrictions of steemit keys.
There are 5 basic keys in steemit.

Posting Key

It is very useful key. It is used to login into Steemit plateform.Its like opening doors to this wonderful and beautiful platform. It is used for:

  • Adding comments
  • publishing posts
  • Up voting
  • Down Voting
  • Resteeming
  • follow people
  • Active key

    Active key is used as Wallet related key.It is used as a transactional key.When you need to do any transaction on steemit then used Active key. This key is very important that is use :
  • When we do Power Up,Power Down.
  • To place market order.
  • It is used for transfer Steem of your accounts.
  • Transfer steem to you savings.
  • To Place orders on steem exchange.
  • It is used to change settings of your account.
  • Owner key

  • It is more powerfull key amongst all other five keys.
  • As for its name*Owner* its owen all other keys.It is used to reset and change any key of your account.It is used to recover your close account.
  • Memo Key

  • It is use for private masseging.
  • It is used for encryption and decryption for protection of private short messages of your transactions or activities .
  • Trone Account private key

    This key is used at the time of signing of the TRON.
  • Transfer TRX
  • The freezing of the TRX
  • Master key

  • This is a very important key in Steemit. It is used to find all the keys in your account.
  • We all have to be save the master key, and in some secure place.
  • As soon as someone gets access to the master key, they can steal your account.
  • How do you keep safe your master passward ?

    yes ,I save my Master passward on my secondary disk and kept it in a printed form where nobody can steal .

    How we can transfer the steem to another's account ?

    Of course and yes I know How to transfer Steem tokens to another steem user account.

    1.First of all you need to login to your Wallet by using the Active key and your steemit user name.
    2.Then click on the little arrow next to you steem balance sheet and then select transfer.


    3.Fill in the detail of amount that you want to transfer ,username who will receive it and all other details.


    Do you know how to power up your steem ?

    Yes I'm confidently power up my steems .

  • You should to login to your wallet using a private active key
  • Click on steem and then select >>power up from drop down menu.
  • WhatsApp Image 2021-06-19 at 02.01.59 (1).jpeg

  • enter your amount that you want to transfer as steem power.
  • WhatsApp Image 2021-06-19 at 02.02.00.jpeg

  • Then click on button power-up
  • I would like to thanks to
    and my dear sis @shama26 who provide full guidance and help me to understand all the security keys.
    To the attention of

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