Achievement 1 | Introduction Post in Steemit.

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Hi and welcome from my side. This is Sami Zuberi, a working class student and a web designer of 19 years old. Hope all of you are doing great in your life.

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Academic Status.

I have concentrated from Zafar Educational Academy school till class 10, at that point further I moved to P.E.C.H.S Govt Science College, and right now, I am learning at Usman Institute Of Technology and seeking after a Bachelor in Computer Science.


Current Hobbies.

Presently, I am into Web Interface Design and programming bunches. I trust I can perform quite well in making of Web Pages and for improving my programming abilities my university is encouraging me alot.

Scarcely some examples of my designed Web Pages are given underneath :





Purpose of joining steemit.

I generally needed to make new companions and needs to take an interest in various types of contest by which I have an opportunity to show some skills and get rewards . Additionally I want to connect with individuals all around the world for this reason I am joining steemit and posting my first Introduction post here.

Knowledge about crypto currency.

I don't have knowledge about crypto currency so much but rather I am anxiously holding on to find out about it.

How I found steemit

My companions @dabeerahmed, @bassamjamal and @yarhassan suggested me this stage. They are my classmates and old buddies likewise, hence, we wish to become together here and show our abilities as well.

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Specific mentions to:


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A very good introductory post . You elaborated everything very beautifully . I hope you may succeed in life and also on steemit platform . Proud to be your class mate and your friend.❤️

 6 months ago 

Thankyou ejaaz my friend , much respect 🙌

Hello Web designer Good to see you here on Steemit, May you have Successful life ahead. Proud to have another UITian here :)

 6 months ago 

Thankyou sir , means alot.

Welcome to Steemit Pakistan family brother
I hope you'll be one of the active member of our community..
#onepercent #pakistan

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@moohsin Inshallah brother.

Welcome dear sami zuberi to steemit blockchain hope you will find steemit community very much supported and your skills in web page designing are superb best of luck and keep continue best work.
#onepercent #pakistan

 6 months ago 

Thanks sir , yes i found it supportive.

 6 months ago 

Finally another classmate become our steemmate, best of luck buddy, hope you grow well here

#pakistan #one percent

 6 months ago 

Thankyou @bassamjamal and same wishes for you brother.

 6 months ago 

Hi @samizuberi

Welcome to this platform.

"May your arrival be auspicious and fruitful. Use your talent and creativity here."

You can take part in The Diary Game which is permanent now. I think you are capable to create your valuable blog on Steemit. Follow @steemitblog for latest update.

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Be happy and energetic. See you soon.

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Hey @samizuberi
Welcome to Steemit family. I hope you like it and best of luck for your future posts here on steemit.
Keep following @steemitblog for more updates.
Have a good day bro:)
#onepercent #pakistan

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Sure sir.

Welcome to Steem Community and Congratulations on completing your task on Achievement 1: Introduction through Verification. Please get ready for the next task on Achievement 2 : Basic Security
See you soon!

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Sure mam.