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Steemian! Hello

My name is sohaibali I am 17 years old I am from renala Khurd Pakistan.i have done fsc from DPS renala Khurd. Now I am studying mechanical engineering at GCT Lahore.@drhira introduce me about Steemit world then i use videos of cryptokraze to make my first introduction video
My mentor my teacher cryptokraze told me about Steemit I make an account here to explore the world express my skills on this platform
I know about cryptocurrency and bitcoin 3 years ago I worked a lot regarding this then I went to my college so I concentrated on my studies
My hobby
My hobby is art photography and plantation and culture. I participated in each contest of photography in my college and I won

Me as a head boy in DPS


I love to eat and I explore good restaurant food

In my spare time, I love to make TikTok videos
During my vacations, I like to go with my friends to trip to different cities in Pakistan
My passion
My passion is traveling I love to travel with my friends towards hilly areas beautiful places in Pakistan.

The post I will create about art photography plantation and agriculture.
I would like to thanks @cryptokraze and steem infinity zone who informed me about Steemit. I am thrilled and looking to learn and grow here.

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Hello @sohaibali; Welcome to steemit world.
You made a very good introductory post with great pictures especially the food. Please try and complete the rest of the achievement tasks.

Let's steem together with consistency.

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Thank u

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Hello @sohaibali

🥳🥳Welcome to Steemit🎊🎊

Steemit is an incentivized Steem blockchain-based public content platform that rewards users for their quality content. Post, read, comment, and vote on other's work in order to build your network on this platform

Check out this post by @cryptokannon to get started with the rest of the #achievementtasks for a smooth sail on this platform.

Aside from the Newcommers' Community for your achievement posts, you can join Steemit Nursery for all your other posts as a newbie to receive support.

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Yours Sincerely,

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Thank you

Congratz on getting successfully verified Over Achievement !

Stay Positive ! Stay Active ! Stay Plag-free

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I will try my best to make best content thank u

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Photography is awesome may u get all success in life

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Welcome to Steemit @sohaibali

You have made a good introductory post.

Now I am studying mechanical engineering at GCT Lahore

Good to know that new users from Pakistan as well as from different study backgrounds are joining Steemit.

You are new user, so I advised you to complete atleast 4 of your achievements and then you will also be eligible for 400 minnow SP program as well as you wil learn about your security keys and content policies (how to avoid plagiarism)

Moreover, as you are from Pakistan, so I advised you to join Steemit Pakistan, which is the official community of Pakistanis.

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Thank u for appreciation . because I am a newcomer so I always need guidance of my seniors. Because you have more experience and now expert about every thing .As a newcomer I would like to appreciate that you give more information to me.My mentor my teacher @cryptokraze also give a lot information about communities and you also told about different communities that are helpful for newcomers. I have just uploaded two post and Insha'Allah our community will get success one day. I am happy to be the parts of Steemit pakistan,siz community

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