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I am Eze Chisom Patrick a native of Mgbidi autonomous community, Awgu local government area Enugu state Nigeria. was brought up in Lagos Nigeria were I attended my secondary school at army cantonment boys senior secondary school ojo Lagos Nigeria.
l have great trading skills and look forward to combining it in pursuit of my education career, l have dream to become a well known businessman in future. I am currently enrolled in the pc networking. I have high communication skills and am a computer literate with high skills in techs.
Having worked in different enterprises,my knowledge of dealing with individuals of different temperament enables me to adapt to challenges faced in working places.Am currently doing a Diploma in computer sciences in other to expand my knowledge in programing and cyber security.

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Welcome @sommy7

We would love to learn from your knowledge in computer science. Be sure to checkout this post by @randulakoralage to find your niche.

Find the rest of the achievement tasks to get familiar with the platform.

Also, follow @steemitblog and @pennsif for lastet news and updates

Stay blessed,

Thanks bro I really appreciate God bless

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Good one... Beautiful boy 😂

Thanks namesake

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Nice one
Steem well.

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Steem well

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