Achievement 3 as Presented by @stitches11 On Content Etiquette

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Famous dramatist cum poet William Shakespeare agreed with the writer of the book of Ecclesiastes, that.. "there is nothing new under the sun".
Evidently, in the era of stone tablets when Shakespeare wrote his renowned 'Sonnets' and in our present age of the internet, copyright infringements and theft are ubiquitous.
Nevertheless, plagiarized contents is criminal in all its ramifications and cannot be excused.
Meanwhile, what is plagiarism? According to Oxford dictionary plagiarism can be defined as "The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. Recorded from the early 17th century, the word comes from Latin plagiarius meaning 'kidnapping'."
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(1)Direct plagiarism
(2)Self plagiarism
(3)Mosaic plagiarism
(4)Accidental plagiarism

(1) Direct plagiarism: This involves transcription of a section of someone else's work ,in the exact same words as were used originally, without any contribution whatsoever,it is always dishonest and has grounds for disciplinary actions.

(2) Self plagiarism: This is a situation whereby someone submits his or her own previous work, verbatim without any adjustments.

(3) Mosaic plagiarism: This occurs when a writer reuses a mix of work, phrase and ideas from a source without using quotation marks or without appropriately citing the source.

(4) Accidental plagiarism: This includes act of neglecting to cite sources or unintentionally paraphrasing a source, using similar words,group of words or sentence without proper attribution.

Can I be original? Yes, I can, as no two persons are the same. Everyone is wonderfully endowed with different gifts, ideas and thoughts. Hence every content curator or creative writer can add a new voice, different perspective or shade a new light on an overworked subject matter.
How can I get original ideas? This does not come by chance, but through constant Meditation, Observations and regular exercises et al.
When such ideas comes from my heart, the enthusiasm will bubble forth and zeal to make the best of it will flow naturally.

(1) I must first understand the meaning of plagiarism.
(2) I must keep track of sources I consult in my work.
(3) I must paraphrase or quote from a source.
(4) I must credit the original author in an in-text citation and reference list.

Content etiquette serves as a guide and restricts overbearing influence of being reckless or offensive.Ways to avoid plagiarism and rules guiding content etiquette are interwoven.
I have carefully perused the article and clearly understood the Steemit Etiquette on the steemit community and will do my utmost to abide by them.

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Congratulations on completing #achievement3.
Hopefully you will learn how to use the various markdowns in the next achievement

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Thank you very much.. Gladly looking forward to it.

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Congratulations on your progress, your achievement 3 task has been verified, you may now proceed to the next achievement task.

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I just followed @steemblog,thanks for suggesting that.

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