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RE: Logro 5 || Consigna 1 por @arnoldog25 || Reseña

in Newcomers' Community5 months ago

Hi i am Sumit one of the team member of Steem Greeter.

I am happy to announce that i have successfully verified your achievement 5.1 post. Now you are eligible for performing your next achievement task.


 5 months ago 

Thanks @sumit71428 for your support, I am very happy with the speed of your response when I publish the first 4 achievements, they were apprivated to me on the 6th day of being published and without rewards , that discouraged me a lot and they have not included me in the program 500 SP minnow support. But I have still made post to be able to up my SP and get some rewards for the time invested.

Thanks and reagards