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Hello Steemians,
My name is Robert Paul, born on the 29th of May. I'm from Edda, Afikpo South Local Government Area in Ebonyi State Nigeria. I come from a family of seven: My father, mother and my five siblings. I'm the first child of my parents. My father is a Pastor while my mom is a school teacher. I came from a Christian home.
FB_IMG_16189088143310056.jpg my Dad and Mom
Our native language is Igbo and I love to speak my langage.
My parents reside in Abala nkamiri in Obingwa Local Government Area in Abia State Nigeria where my Dad is pastoring.
FB_IMG_16189088620443404.jpg my siblings and I

FB_IMG_16189085537568124.jpg my two younger sisters and I

Educational background and Career

I was born in the Northern part of Nigeria, Kano State to be precise, I was four years old when a riot broke out 1992 that nearly took my father's life. My family relocated to the Eastern part of Nigeria, Abia State and that was where started my Primary Education, finished and proceeded to Wagon Faith Comprehensive College for my Secondary Education. After Secondary School, I proceeded to Abia State Polytechnic where I acquired my first degree in Computer Science.
FB_IMG_1618870472608.jpg my course mates and I

images.jpeg my school enterance

My Business

Presently I'm into a hair-cut business and the name of my business is "unique look salon".
FB_IMG_16189088433147800.jpgthat's my logo

After School, I stayed home for a long while ( you Nigeria na, where you finish school and will begin the search for job just to no avail😀). During my years of waiting, I did some minial jobs just to earn ends meet. Then, this business idea popped in and here I am.
FB_IMG_16188782610916159.jpg my customer and I

Hobbies, likes and dislikes

I love praying, listening to gospel music and singing them as well.
FB_IMG_16188782461365363.jpg prayer mood

FB_IMG_16189087354285973.jpg listening to music

I travel a lot and seeking for wisdom is one of the most things I love, so I love attending life-changing conferences and I love to cook too.
FB_IMG_16189088801923554.jpg one of my food
Guess what! If you eat my meal, your life will never remain the same again. Trust me!
I dislike people who are not transparent and people who honesty is far from their generation.😃 So I like to make good and radical friends. FB_IMG_16189084016396537.jpg my radical friends and I
FB_IMG_16189084943415399.jpg my friends and I in a conference

How I got to know about steemit

I got to about steemit through my beloved friend @graciee20. Her Achievements and testimonies motivated me to join steemit. She assisted me with my registration and gave guidelines on how to begin my journey in steemit. Dear @graciee20, I'm most grateful.

My intention towards steemit

I want to learn more about cryptocurrency, improve my communication skill, writing skill and learn more about my community and the world at large. Through steemit, I hope to achieve all of these and more. Then explore all the goodies this platform has to offer and also offer all that I can to the platform as well.

I want to say a very big thank you to Steemit community for having me in the platform. Special thanks goes to @cryptokannon for providing the tutorial materials which helped me in writing my introduction post.

Best regards
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Congratulations and welcome to the steemit community.

You have been upvoted by @whitestallion and I’m voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator03 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

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Waw well come to steemit blockchain,it a place where all efforts and art of patience are greatly appreciated.

I encourage you to be smart and active to get the best of steemit at all time.

Pay attention to all the lecturers you will be geting here because it will tell you more about steemit and it functionality,please you have list of activities,like the achievements to carry out and i guess they are the lecturers you will be receiving.

Please you can get them when you check in one of the pinned post immediately you enter the new comers community read and proceed with your achievements 2 but that should be when achievements one has been verified.Thus your expected to log in often to check you blog and read others post so you be enlightened.

Welcome once more.@smartcliff care

bienvenido te invito a seguirme

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@sweetwonder We have same birthday... Keep it up bro

Welcome to the world of Steem!

If you want to get started right away, the following community could be of interest to you:

You are also invited to take part in my daily delegation draws.
There are 100 and more SteemPower to be won every day.
100 SP can make the start much easier for newcomers in particular.
Here is the link to the current raffle:

I wish you a great time on our blockchain!

Steem on!

Yours @kryptodenno

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Hi welcome to our community
Follow my link

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Welcome to the steemit community @sweetwonder, I trust you will enjoy your stay here in the steemit community, all of us @steemit and @campusconnectng are happy to have you.

Please endeavor to complete your achievement posts for a roundup knowledge about steemit and the communities that support it.

You can join the #dairygame , where you report your daily activities, you can also join #betterlife with steem and #mytownin10pics program live in steemit.

You can also gather significant knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology if you enroll and publish content in @steemcryptoacademy.

Follow @steemitblog for new updates and your country representatives-@focusnow, @whitestallion, and @bright-obais.

You are welcome to join @campusconnectng, a community of active Nigerian students.

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