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Hello Everyone, my introduction post; As I begin my journey I trust and believe that you all get to know and know more about me.
I am indeed happy to join this great platform. I will love to meet everyone and also learn from you all.


My Background
My name is Monday Ugbedeojo Ochedi. I hail from Olamaboro LGA in Kogi State. I reside in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria with my family. The name of my father is Mr Emmanuel Ochedi and my mother is Mrs Helen Ochedi. I am the fourth child of six. I have three beautiful sisters and two most awesome brothers.


My father is graciously serving as a deacon in the church @ United Evangelical Church and as well a successful business Man into the production of sachet water, while my Lovely mother who is also a functional servant in the church is also a successful business Woman and everything Perfect as a wife and mother.

My Educational Background
I attended God's Delight Private and Primary School in Makurdi, Benue State where I reside of which I obtained my first school leaving certificate. Then made a proceed into secondary education of most prestigious Mount Saint Gabriel's Secondary School, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria.
I'm currently a student of Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State where I'm on a pursuit for my bachelor's degree in Computer Science.


My Hobbies
I love studying God's Word coming into truth as Christ is being revealed and rightfully handling this truth. I love doing active Music. I like to explore and try our new things intellectually and scientifically with high and low risks involved. I love to Interact with people, make and keep relationships and as well preach the Gospel which is the power of God unto salvation, Accurately & Precisely.


My Dislike
Anything anti- what the word of God has said, disregarding if it conforms to humanity or civilization.

How I Knew About Steemit
Well, I got to know about steemit through one of my Pastor who is currently a serving corper @peterabagi. He has really taken time to explain to me how steemit works. Personally did my 'Due Diligence' and I've seen how true it has aid people's social and intellectual lives. I hope to see all become manifested to me and also get more support from you all as I journey on steemit.

Thank you and blessings 🙏
Much love...

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Welcome my dear friend @thebeloved001 you are here and i am so happy.

Welcome to steemit my dear friend. This platform gives you the following

  • rewards for your post which comes as earnings

  • it gives you an opportunity to develop your writing skills and vocabulary.

  • it gives you the opportunity to meet and make new friends in various community

  • this platform gives you a sense of belonging and ownership

  • this platform encourages you by boosting you self esteem when people vote you post hence keep posting quality content

  • this platform gives you crypto knowledge on a plater of gold. Steemit is a life time opportunity. Do well to meet the person who introduced steemit to you for consistent mentorship as it is in your best interest. I am also available to guid when you need help. Welcome! welcome! welcome!

You are free to join a community where i am fully active @steemalive and you can also join @steemkidss.

You can only make great result if you are consistent. Enjoy steemit my dear and do well to invite your friends to steemit.. For @steemit has come to stay!!!

Welcome to Steemit bro

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Hi @thebeloved001,

Thank you for joining us.You have made a wise decision.Steemit will bring the opportunity to learn and earn simultaneously to your doorstep.

Make sure to post as often as possible and also comment on other steemians post.

Try to complete your Achievement posts for an all round knowledge about Steemit.

Follow @steemitblog @steemalive for the latest updates on Steemit.


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