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RE: Punic Wax #IntroduceYourself

in Newcomers' Community2 months ago

Hello, you did very well achievement 1, now you must continue with the following achievements indicated in this post

Make your achievement 2 post when it's done and a team member will come over to review it. Good luck..!

Follow @steemitblog, keep voting, commenting and posting wonderful content.

The Steemit team, we are here to help you.


Thank you. Am I in the 500 SP program? I commented on the post.

 2 months ago 

As I indicated in the previous message, you must meet at least up to achievement 4, to enter the Minnowsupport program, if you meet more than 4 achievements it would be much better

In the post doesn't it say just Acheivement 1?

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