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What are markdowns

Markdowns is the normalization of styling text or post on steemit. The demonstration of adding font style, dispersing, fixness,images or pictures and features utilizing code or shortenings comprehended by the article maker.
Make content by applying something like 5 kinds of markdown gave in the above segment

Examples of markdown
In this post I’ll show examples of markdowns I do use and others that are good to be used in other to make your article or post more attractive.

(i)Starting with the use of links and how to source correctly to avoid plagiarism

•To tag a user on steemit all you have to do is to add @ to the username of the user
E.g @yourrealdaddy

•To show that you copied a sentence the right markdown to use is just to put > before the sentence and this will make it obvious for everyone to know that the originality of the sentence does not belongs to you

Readers are leaders

• To source a post you copy, you source it by using Input source in the first and input the link in the second bracket.


This image shows all mark down used to get all the standardization and styling in the about list of point

ii) The table below shows codes used for fonting of words and some other markdowns

* Before a word and another *after a wordSweetgirls
** Before a word and another ** after a wordSweetgirls
*** Before a word and another *** after a wordSweetgirls

This post is all by me and I trust and believe I made my points clear.




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