Crazy (En) / Verrückt (D)

Crazy ideas huh, do I have them?
Creative perhaps and like my friend says a different way of thinking and acting. She has it too. That might sound or look crazy to others but it's normal to me, my friends and my children.

It's not that I have a lot of patience but I am sort of stubborn. I just told @heartbeat1515 all about it and by now @gertu knows me otherwise she wouldn't have told me to write about something I know nothing about or show a drawing. "Make a drawing of it or so", she said. That could have been an interesting piece of art... Draw something you have never seen or heard of. You hear a word and draw or write about it.

Frequently I wonder who came up with certain words.
Who started naming thing. The more frequently you repeat a word the more ridiculous it sounds. Ever tried it? Names of villages and places are often weird. Can be it makes sense if you know how the name existed but you don't find that back on the sign. Some names are so long I doubt you can write it down on an envelope. Others are not something to be brag about if you live there. Might be some lunatic named it same with certain words or expressions or some drunk or kid or a partly deaf thought he heard it and the word remained.

It's the same with expressions.
If it comes to it a big part does not make sense or it's not true at all at least not the Dutch ones. "Barking dogs don't bite" for example. I wouldn't count on it and it's not said that "speaking freely isn't gold instead of keeping silent". If it comes to it people hate you if you know all about it and didn't tell them. A dog will bite the hand that feeds it and children do not speak the truth. Children start lying as soon as they learned to speak. Drunks speak the truth and idiots do and a part of the autistic people too. They say what they think or feel and do not care if you feel hurt, about your long toes and do not tiptoe or bite off their tongue for you and why should they? Your feelings are your personal problem and you are the one who has to deal with them. That might sound crazy but it is as it is. If there are no boundaries preventing from speaking out free (being kind, attentive, feared of, etc.). You hear the truth and nothing as the truth and learn to know the real person.

Verrückte Ideen. Habe ich sie?
Kreative vielleicht und wie mein Freund sagt eine andere Art von denken und zum handeln. Sie hat es auch. Das mag für anderen verrückt anhören oder sein, aber für mich, meine Freunde und meine Kinder ist es normal.

Es ist nicht so, dass ich viel Geduld habe, aber ich bin irgendwie stur. Ich habe @heartbeat1515 gerade alles darüber erzählt und @gertu kennt mich inzwischen auch schon, sonst hätte sie mir nicht gesagt, ich soll über etwas schreiben, von dem ich gar keine Ahnung habe. "Macht eine Zeichnung oder so", sagte sie. Das hätte ein interessantes Kunstwerk sein können ... Zeichne etwas von dem du noch nie gehört hast und was du auch noch nie gesehen hast.

Häufig frage ich mich, wer auf bestimmte Worte gekommen ist.
Wer hat angefangen, etwas zu benennen? Je öfter man ein Wort wiederholt, desto lächerlicher klingt es. Schon mal versucht? Namen von Dörfern und Orten sind oft komisch. Vielleicht macht es mehr Sinn wenn man weiss, wie der Name entstanden ist, aber sowas steht nicht auf dem Schild. Manche Namen sind so lang, dass ich bezweifle ob mann die auf einen Umschlag schreiben kann. Für Andere schämt man sich fast. Könnte es ein Verrückter sein der sich das ausgedacht hat? Genau wie die Sprichwörtern? Ein Betrunkener, Kind oder ein teilweise taubes Persion?

Wenn es um Sprichwörtern geht, machen Vielen keinen Sinn oder es stimmt überhaupt nicht, zumindest nicht die Niederländischen. "Bellende Hunde beißen nicht" zum Beispiel. Ich würde nicht davon.ausgehen und es ist auch nicht gesagt, dass "sprechen kein Gold ist sondern das schweigen". Wenn es um Schweigen handelt, hassen dich die Leute, falls du alles weißt und es ihnen nicht sagst. Ein Hund wird die Hand beißen, die ihn füttert, und Kinder sprechen nicht die Wahrheit. Kinder fangen an zu lügen, sobald sie sprechen gelernt haben. Betrunkene sprechen die Wahrheit und Idioten und ein Teil der autistischen Menschen auch. Sie sagen, was sie denken oder fühlen, und es ist ihnen egal, ob Sie sich verletzt fühlen, über Ihre langen Zehen und gehen nicht auf Zehenspitzen oder beißen sich für Sie die Zunge ab und warum sollten sie? Ihre Gefühle sind Ihr persönliches Problem und Sie sind derjenige, der sich mit ihnen befassen muss. Das mag verrückt klingen, aber es ist so wie es ist. Wenn es keine Grenzen gibt, die ein freies Sprechen verhindern (freundlich, aufmerksam, gefürchtet usw.). Sie hören die Wahrheit und nichts als die Wahrheit und lernen, die reale Person zu kennen.

If you know nothing to write about you can start freewriting.
@mariannewest provides in a daily prompt but you can pick your own too. Share your thought, opinion and simply ramble on.


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Thanks for the cuddle 😍 💕

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Barking dogs do not bite 🤔 I'm not sure about that because I've been bitten by a barking dog long time ago but then the dog became my best friend. I didn't hit him back. The dog is long gone by now but the memories still in my heart.

I'm always worried about hurting others feelings until I myself deeply hurt my own just to keep others save. Reading your post awaken me a bit. I agree that it's better to be known as me rather than pretending to be someone else just for the sake of taking care of other feelings.

It's damn tiring. Things become much better once I learned to speak my heart out at the right time. It felt much better. Sometimes if the person have the inability to listen, I choose to ignore and move on. My friend said, make your heart dry. By that she meant, just ignore things you can do nothing about.

Your friend is partly right. You know not everything is worth the fight. If you look back it seldom was and it only cost energy.

Ignoring is hard or even impossible if it involves you. You can pretend, keep smiling but in reality, it eats you. You are the one who suffers from it, will get sick and the rest has the profits and doesn't care.

We are all humans and only kind and attentive people do not exist and if they are always that way they are creepy or sneaky. The film "Nosedive" and the internet is a good example of it.

I am fine with people who say what's on their mind. I like to know their opinion and who they are. If you ask me the internet is a great place if it comes to honesty. You can be yourself, say your opinion and your friends will stay the abusers or dreamers or manipulators or those who can not see the difference between realistic and negative, a simple announcement or a complaint will leave. Is that a problem? Not to me. Here you can meet do any people you can easily delete them and find someone that fits and accepts you.

I can tell my friend her daughter is fat and lazy and shows no respect. She knows it's true and she can have it. We are still friends. She can say to me her opinion about me or my children too. We do not say it in a gentle way with "sorry" but the way we see it.
It is good to have such people around. People who are not friendly in your face and backstabbing you at the same time.

Adults can or need to be corrected too. If you don't do it they will run over you, crush you.
Your first priority is you. If you feel good you can make others feel good.
I talk with my children daily, they share their feelings, enjoyment about things or people. It's better to ventilate and talk it over. See if it's worth fighting for or if it's wiser to ignore. If it comes to bullies it's better to fight and correct them. They will not grow up into great people. If it comes to people crossing your borders you should defend them too.

I wish you a great day and be you. 💕

I've only realized that after being hurt so much. I'm glad I got friend to listen to or to listen to me.

Internet is the best way to find someone that can have the same interests as me but the first platforms that I found what I'm searching for is this one were on.

It brought me far across the land I'm living, seeing and finding a lot of things that made me happy even though it's only through writing and pictures. Some videos.

My energy is burnt out by only trying to hold on but I've stop. I start caring only for me, my husband and daughter.

I only help the other when I am capable to, including my own family. It less tiring and I'm a bit happier. !tips

A great day to you too.