Coronavirus, Y U SO PATENTED?

in Infowars7 months ago (edited)
Why hello there Steemians on STEEMPEAK. Are you all feeling yung and sexy today? I know I am as I sip on coffee and enjoy all you rogues and free thinkers. :)

(YouTube....Don't fear the reaper!!! Stay Safe and healthy and the Flu has done far worse in numbers so keeping a perspective)

Oh yeah so here is the patent , Much WOW, BTW common things like Lysol, Thymol, Alcohol and heat as well as H202 and bleach kill this beastie. Wash your hands and don't touch boogers! The Flu this year is epic level bad and really hitting the most vulnerable hard so be like most keyboard cowboys and cowgals and just avoid people!



I just threw up into my first coffee of the day.
Thanks for that . lol

NSFW NSFW NSFW, remember if you don't obey the cult of dpos and stake your VERY SOUL this is the booger that awaits!

Yeah, I definitely hate you now.

inconceivable ! I did write that series you took next level remember :)
I should bring that back and I will NEVER ever be able to eat Oysters on the Half Shell again..............bummer

what happens if you buy too much of the Steem !!!!! Remember this can be you if you buy too much but please go stake it all and then buy moar also vote for who the great Shamalamadingdongs tell you to vote for , if you power down as telling others to power up you also are not a good community member. Boogers are natures glue @lucylin

Avoiding people sounds great I do that on most days anyway 🤣🤣

yeah am assuming most Steemians are kinda like that anyhow lol :P

Right, It is likely the best anyway. I got my Discord peeps🤣

What are 'people'? lol

I don't know but they are what's the main ingredient in Soylent Green!

wow 8 days ago and how the world has changed

Pesky change...

I work retail, so avoiding people will be hard. I don't shake hands though.

smart, hand sanitizers running out can make your own with just rubbing alcohol and a carrier like aloe vera gel,

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