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Chemtrails. The amount of shillery and mocking when science is shut up on the soil sample readings is akin to the powers that be spitting in our faces. Why look up when you can look down at your "SMART" phone to just make sure you are getting enough positive feedback and upvotes on whatever shit you gotta blast to the world today.
Weather Modification is nothing new but the fact at times you see such high altitude X's until the sky looks like milk is beyond my comprehension. IMHO it's a combo of things but am keeping it "light" for today. ;)

(image and text courtesy of tax dollars and gov foia. Tax dollars is assuming you pay them which with what is going down in much of Crypto in the states , I certainly hope everyone did their fair share . Potholes don't fix themselves)

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POST-Snowden, anything is possible, to be fact...
The amount of conspiracy theories has dwindled greatly,
most have been proven true. MOST, I say! 😲

no joke, dystopian in many places and it's in your face

Orwellian Indeed!
Great to see U Axey
So much IRL stuff going on


oh yes, tons of these
the truly evil part is what is in some of this and what the ultimate goal may be
I plan on doing a podcast on these issues, I need a crew though/ equals who also love rabit holes

I can gauge aggression levels in people by spray amounts or lethargy, it's nuts, cool challenge

TNX. I will revive it... When the clouds break up...

No, weather modification is nothing new. Seeding hurricanes in an attempt to weaken them is one example that comes to mind. However, these weren't secret programs either.

yeah is nothing new it is the myriad of agencies either covert or open who are using them, there are so many sources for this rabbit hole and some seems malevolent and some neutral and some 'good'.
thanks for the input.
infowars community
come for the free beer

Weather is absolutely normal in The Hood at all times. The large milky X's you see above you are merely sky art or community announcements/warnings.

oh yeah it's just sky decoration, like cake frosting
am so sure the gov has our interests in mind

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