Intro From Tyla' Durden (Infowars Cheerleader)

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Well hello there! Here is my intro to the Community and am loving the capability that people can mute and mod and make things actually pleasant or enjoyable without.............................(the b.s.). Today I'd like to share a couple of links to so you can realize that as the claws of an Orwellian future clamp down we still have bastions of 'freedom'.

panamapapersicij.jpg image courtesy

The Panama Papers were the inspiration behind the controversial movie "The Laundromat" which is on my list to watch today if I get time. Here ya' go folks! DIG IN and please support my work by hitting that uv button , following me or being kind. Being kind in a time of false gods can be the biggest win of all, HURRAH


And thus begins the infowars community posts!


@battleaxe how do i mod you in the infowars community?

Ah i see you have oen called "The Hood"

Ok so i nee dto start integratin stuff, peopel will have SMTs soon, and they should be integrated withs teem engine,

also uji need to use pocket token style comment bots liek beer token has, its powerful

i need to master distribubot i know @gerber can help if i pay him or he can refer me someoen can can help me create the infowars token comment bot

"The Hood" and "Okay Boomer" are mine and a couple others with the dude and such
I'll try to integrate what I can, is fun

this is good :)

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