Is your Computer or "Smart Device" a Conduit?

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Over the course of more then a few years, tons of people have spoken of getting vibes off different people or groups or platforms. You may know what I mean. If energy transmutes forms then it makes sense that this is possible and imho , a certainty. Turning off the switch is becoming a necessity these days and more and more people are going back to flip phones and keeping stuff out of their bedrooms to take back control of energetic boundaries. "Don't feed the Trolls" they say and it's true. What if some of the worst trolls are named Alexa or whatever other friendly sounding names? ;) Fighting bad mojo/juju is as easy as just blocking, ignoring, say no and amputate. "Smart" devices are peddled and are almost free and why is that?


Do we really need Smart Washing machines, Vacuums etc.? At what point do you notice that ads magically are exactly what you were just talking about and start to wonder. Edward Snowden's documentary is a must see to delve more down this rabbithole. There is a pushback on this, the failure of Google Glass is but one example , people taking out cameras in the demonstrations is another. How Smart do we need our things to be? How Smart is it to flush out the toxic internet sludge and regain control of YOUR trip? Op/Ed for Infowars Community


Well that gif is pure nightmare fuel.

Anyway, yes, learning to unplug is key to living a healthy life, in This Pirate's humble opinion. While I "need" a smart phone for various life and work pirate related reasons, I don't keep it on or near me as much as humanly possible, and definitely not near me at night. Computers too.

The Internet can be a force for good but too much access will drain you. If you stare into the void it stares back, right? Too much time online, or even near ways to get online is staring into that void.

I looked far and wide for that gif. Yes most is the void
avoid the void

Very good talking point. How many of us will survive an electromagnetic pulse (EMP)? Most of us will. Necessity is the mother of invention after all.

Some of us will fair better though. Time to pay attention to those off the grid whose whole being is not consumed with the number of up-votes, likes, etc. Letting those things define who they are.

“Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting.” – William Shakespeare

thanks, nice quote. Most of the social token sites are shit shows, after a couple years on them am rather convinced part of it was a psyops to see people act like Pavlov dogs and dehumanize others for shitcoins, op/ed
keep cool

I have suspicious of my smart Clothes washer since I got it.
Keeps making color coordinate suggestions to the point where it began interrogating me why I wear black too much.
Questions me on the excess use of Tissue.
Keeps my loose change.
Lectures me on the excessive use hot water in my showers and other appliances in emitting too much CO2 by quoting UN Emissions guidelines.
I cut the speaker connection.

the dryer's steal socks! hope you're well, yeah I have too many "smart" things, it's not really doing it for me except on a few things

At night, even several times per day, my phone is on the airplane.

When I go to bed I switch off the main fuse for the bedroom and thus kill all circuits in the room.

The next thing I need to make a habit of is to switch off local wifi during the night...

I make Faraday cell phone cases at times, just blocks all the crap coming off them. Also people who are sick of this negative side of things are getting "dumbed" down phones to not have to deal with the Orwellian aspects
thanks for checking out infowars, hope some people start posting more on this community :)

Are there any Faraday cells for credit card sized gadgets? I bet there are.

Why do I ask? In August 2020 Slovenia will start issuing new ID cards, They will be obligatory for every citizen over 12 years old.

These cards will have on them:

  • biometric data (face and fingerprint) stored on-chip
  • state-issued personal digital certificate stored on-chip in a separate memory

So you could be scanned without knowing it just by having your ID card with you.

It's almost - 99% - like having a chip under your skin.

Electro-magnetic field blockers could come handy ;) ...

end times stuff imho, you can see divides on here as well, tech and social things bringing out the absolute worst and roaches of beings. The punch back is rising above but not apathy, the apathetic are as responsible as the ones doing evil. Anyhow,, first off that's insane about the cards. Do you get Amazon there? I have no idea ,, go online order Faraday cloth, it's not too much, cut and super glue just a basic sleeve for it, you can buy emf blocking wallets everywhere online as well
it works, I measure what I make for making sure stuff doesn't get through, Wi Fi can still slice through most faraday cloth so it is a battle, 5g is no bueno, very very bad

This biometric card thing is a European Union directive - eIDAS

The second part - your digital certificate on the chip - is Slovenian addition to the control game. Our politicians just have to suck up to their overlords.

When I think of it. Field scrambler would be enough. Yet, these gadgets can be detected.

I did a quick search on Amazon and there is plenty of supply already. Time to start shopping :)

Ps: on Aliexpress these wallets are ten times cheaper :)

my ultimate question is who are the ultimate overlords
I don't think some may be prepared for the answer , it is not a good feeling to live in a terrarium

Hm, now when you asked ... Why did I remember of David Icke and his books?