MIRA was "retired"?

in Infowars9 months ago

As an avid nerdy bookworm and baker of tasty cakes, I stumbled upon the news that MIRA from IBM was retired end of the year. It accomplished many ground breaking feats and was in the top supercomputers in the world for many years. My question is that Steemit touted MIRA as working with it but if it's retired how is that so? If you have any insight feel free to share below in the comments section.

over five BILLION computing hours allocated a year >>>>>>source mira.GOV sites




Two separate things. Perhaps they named their software fix to handle scaling after the IBM project?


thanks for clarification was familiar with IBM very deeply and kinda wtf on that, lol
MIRA had a good run and accomplished some amazing tasks. Although it also did some weird stuff with the gov and was listed under energy.gov so who knows what rabbit holes and portals it was opening (joking)
thanks again

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