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Salutations and hai. Isn't it odd that the things you were talking about years ago come to pass and yet little has changed. If anything things are ramping up but at times people do fight back. The Global unrest of rather closeted coverage of the amount of shake ups has had some bright spots.
Seeing Chinese citizens taking down security cameras and fighting the social credit score system should be a wake up call how staring at all your "SMART" devices lets this shit pop up FAST to begin with. One glimmer of the good of humanity was a great story I stumbled upon on "Futurism". Drones always pissed me off and it is disturbing to see small ones with direct feeds to the internet of things peddled at drug and convenience stores.


The Infowars Community is up and running as are my two active Communities of "Okay Boomer" and "The Hood".
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That social credit system be very worrisome. Luckily us pirates live by our own code.
Us pirates also don't very much like drones.
Awesome post and great resources, me 'earty!

thanks a million Cap'n

Besides the technical stuff, don't forget about the self-control. We are being conditioned to alienate from each other and control each other to keep the situation under control.

Migrations to cities (ghettos), drugs (including food and beverages), mass media of any kind, constant pressure to be happy, many other things, ... are the facets of the grand plan which has been known for ages and is spiraling out into monstrous dimensions, and is called "divide and conquer".

Ps: to everybody reading this.

I've joined the Infowars community.

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Exactly, tokenized monied 'social' media I've seen bring out the worst in humanity and at times good things but it's all part of this alienation as you mentioned imho. Thanks for the support and I hope to see some more join both places in the above post. Awesome comment, thanks Ervin

the stickman is mesmerising, I watched it for about 5 minutes, dumb me 🤪

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