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Liars exist. Pedophiles exist. Murderers exist. Why can't these people exist in governments and/or government associated organizations?

I only recently learned that modern humans came into existence about 200,000 years ago. I suppose a part of me knew this fact, but I have never really contemplated that fact.

So, humans only figured out society, writing and other 'sophisticated' things in the last 5,000 years or so? Really?

Perhaps there is truth to that, but is it entirely true?

Should I always ignore my instincts?

But of course, we should trust scientists and government officials totally and completely because they have deeper knowledge and better judgement than us common folk.

Do they?

Pshhh... How or why could governments lie to us about what we live on, history, health, science, etc.... Silly conspiracy theorist thinking irrationally again....

200,000 years of humans, all of them stupid? We are simply above and beyond them? Is that entirely true? Why do scientists laugh at old legends, myths, texts when many of them turned out to have some or lots of truth to them? Are we really that arrogant to think that humans of old were totally simple and foolish? Future generations will likely think the same of us.

Power corrupts men. That is something that most people believe. So why is it unbelievable that various governments could be hiding quite a lot of facts?

Do you really think people are keeping secrets? How could everyone be keeping secrets? Humans aren't that organized.

Well for one thing, there wasn't always seven-plus billion people on earth. It is probably a lot easier to lie to a couple million people than billions. Also ask yourself if you could keep a secret with your life and family's life on the line. Once those things are threatened, I would think it's very easy to lie.

I could probably rant longer, but I got these feelings and thoughts off my chest. Maybe I will rant again in the future.

Steem on.


I like your ranting, keep it up! 🤪

Hey thanks a lot! I really appreciate that :)

glad you joined :)

Awesome post, thanks for hoppin on this community. Here's the invite link to discord group if you would like to join.
am Admin and can give you some of the tokens as a show of appreciation for a killa' post

Thanks a lot! I will check it out as soon as possible!

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