I just created the Infowars Community! STEEM community! Now it will synergize with infowars SCOT token, just use #infowars hashtag

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To visit the Infowars Community go to this link!


OR use http://infowarsdapp.com And for discord its http://discord.infowarsdapp.com

I can only hope Alex Jones is watching closely, studying my actions and my history. I hope you all realize my end game goal is to show up on Alex Jones Infowars and ot go on Joe ROgan to promote Infowars DAPP and get alex jones to MAKE joe rogan signup... i can actually imagine joe rogan getting all excited to say fuck facebook and twitter, and to join steem! I will even low sell it, and tell them its all brand new and requires users to be developers, so that we dont end up in a system as slaves. Alex mentions in this video with Joe Rogan that he was "told to pump Bitcoin" I think he is mixing up steem with bTC as alex went to hangout with @ned scott in Austin texas in late 2017 . He says this 50 million dollar deal was from george Soros to Pump BTC 8 years ago :D

Im looking into teh future, we have a private federal reserve thats all fiat

He even says that cryptocurrency is CIA stuff LOL... alex wants to act like if he isnt educated on it, it must be CIA :D

Well, when Alex sees his own users using cryptocurrency to fund their own decentralized


Infowars Dapp is live!

DIscord: http://discord.infowarsdapp.com


Help me build this decentralized network that pays developer sin Infowars tokens, and get rich off the retirement accounts of old Alex Jones listeners who will gladly invest in us when they e4e the good we do and how we will be unstoppable!

We are building a throne for Alex to come sit ion!

i realistically see myself doing a Live show with others, screaming at the camera, while we take in advertiser dollars directly through our streamlabs style tipit system and then we create INFOWARS streaming network using https://vimm.tv

I need to talk with @dirapa and other @vimm @vimm.tv users about how we can do a 24 hr stream and if thats possible

bring the truth ackza!

Highly rEsteemed!

I've done my best to put this info in front of the InfoWars Team... but alas, They are too slow for Crypto. That or they're on someone else's payroll.

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