Infowars Community Launched! + PLEASE Review the INFOWARS token, we need feedback! Go to + COP Global Police Blockchain for Law Enforcement information sharing and LGBT token for global human rights blockchain

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Infowars nopw has a Community, and a Token, and it has Staking and SCOT enabled! You can start upvoting posts in the #infowars hashtag, and a nitrous page is impending but we are waiting for a core group of moderators to join @battleaxe and @reverendrum as Infowars COmmunity Moderators

image.png will lead here

I need help finding Infowars Users who will use #infowars hashtag so by the time Alex Jones gets here he will find a vibrant decentralized community run Infowars Blockchain Flagship READY for him to take the helm!


I CAN IMAGINE THE NEW @elgeko made PSYCHEDELIC GRAPHICS I even thought of asking @elgeko to make me a photoshop MESCALINE prescription bottle to commemorate the time I took San PEdro cactus and had an incredible trip with my friends when I was 16 that CHANGED me forever! Oh who knows the secrets of the cactus but CALIFORNIA CACTUS COIn will one day be all the rage! Until the Huichol Return with the 12 South American Ayahuasca Races and the council of straight edge natives too, their input is needed as well, we will TALK to the great spirit with Alex Jones and Joe Rogan under a great fire LIVE on a Podcast in HAWAII under a VOLCANO and they will breath in the vapors and be ONE with the earth and then a hologram will play and everyone will join in VR chat, and we will have the ultimate techno shamanism and commune with the great whale pods using ships with hydrophones ....Like I have actually seen before, where the Anti Whaling convention was done out at sea and they came to a whale and allowed it to speak on a hydrophone and make the opening statements at an Anti Whaling convention where they are literally trying to extend rights to the whale, star trek style.


Its very moving to see humans working to give another sentient sapient life form the right to actually be heard even if we cannot understand its language. And I cannot find the video but youll have to just believe me, it was a video from a boat with a hydrophone and a whale being given the opening statements for the WAnti WHaling conference, years ago. SO we will do the same, commune with nature and God and have Joe Rogan and Alex Jones in a Floatation tanks with Dolphins, and live whale sounds piped in over the audio, a Galactic Federation Council session here on Earth! We will have all the top MAPS scientists there and we will have the DMT and Ayahuasca and Peyote and San Pedro and all the great plant teachers but we will just respect them and venerate them , not have s0ome big drug orgie. We will take all the coolest stuff in the world, the things everyone wants and we will gate keep, slow down the vibration, ensure we dont have misuse of these tools. The word for Power and technology they are neutral in most languages, like a knife. It can be used for good or bad, and we have a great tool here and an overton window to use it for good or evil. People must wake up and realize they don't get to have a job in the field they may have wanted, and it is now software that they must work in. But Software for social media can be fun, networking with people and writing the right articles can be very fun. And as soon as STEEM has a front end that presents posts as nicely as medium.ocm then we will be onto something for journalism.


Also, if you need a free subdomain for your token community we can provide. Any Stemians who want a free subdomain off can have one! Or if you want i can also give you that :) Im happy to help create free subdomains for 6 months to a year or as long as I have the domain (I should have bought 2 years lol) I LOVE they need to be on blockchain lol or godaddy! We could integrate with steem DNS..if that was a thing :D SOOn IPFS will be used however, for INFOWARS NETWORK using @dtube and


Also be on the look out for the Global Police Blockchain... COP token


And to cover our bases so no one accused of being a hate group, we are pioneering an LGBT token and Scot tribe and Community! LGBT Human Rights DAc will enable support for persecuted LGBT people around the world in non LGBT friendly hot spots of concern.


We seek to promote Freedom and Liberty for all of Gods or No Gods Children, because we also respect atheists :D But come on guys of course there is a God, and hes an Alien from a higher dimension... there is that better? Derp Space 9 people! Your Gods are just our Wormhole Aliens :D


@infowarslife, Looks like so much is happening here. And this Community option on Steemit will going to empower many Communities. Stay blessed.

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Thank you sir, we will try our best to make all the original buyers of the token mods, including you!

Welcome and keep up the good work.

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