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Thank you
I saw Hive before and tried to sign up on it but was probably doing something wrong, because it would not go through. So I gave up. I had signed up on steem peak because it had no ads(something I hate) but I was having problems posting on that. I signed up on hive but I noticed my last two posts weren't there. Will they show up now that I've signed in. I also noticed that my account value is significantly higher. Is that because I hadn't signed up and the number was higher then? What is the advantage of Hive over my regular steem blog site? I'm not that savvy on social net, so please forgive me. Should I keep steem peak? I really don't use it that much. Also: not seeing the community posts on there.


Apparently I am already signed up and all my previous blogs are there. Now how do I get my new blogs there without having to rewrite them? as well as get get the community switched over?

If the community existed prior to the hardfork in March on steem, it will exist in Hive but see that you created it more recently than that so you will have to create it on hive. After the hardfork, the chains have been separated so nothing posted on steem will show on hive anymore

Got it. Just reposted my recent blogs and noticed that not all my up-votes from steemit came with it. I assume that some of those up-voters are not on Hive. I don't remember how I set up the community on steemit and I don't see how to set it up on Hive. Any tips?

Go here and look in the top right-hand corner. Clicking that link should guide you through the process