What is a Rockhound?

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Hello my name is Don
....and I.. am .. a Rockhound. For about fifteen years now, I have been fascinated with rocks. Some, including my wife Andrea, say I am obsessed with them or even addicted.
20190124_153311 (2).jpg
Celestite Geode

First let me share that a rockhound is an individual that is interested and actively searches for rocks, minerals, crystals, or even fossils.
20190102_183411 (2).jpg
Eurypterid fossil (sea scorpian)

My first love is fossils. But after I got started, I quickly became interested in all sorts of rocks, fossils, and crystals.
20190109_163128 (2).jpg
a selenite stalagmite cluster from here in Roswell NM.

I started with steemit in August 2016 and enjoyed reading other post about people love for rocks. But I soon found that I had to go through thousands of posts to find a few that I am truly interested in. So when steemit created these community posts, I was intrigued and decided to see if I could start a community interested solely on rocks, fossils, crystals etc... or even other natural wonders such as plants. animals or even insects.
Blue quartz on Chrysoprase geode.

So I've posted a few pieces from my personal collection in hopes of stirring up some interest with others to post their collections or even like interests in this community.
20190109_160250 (2).jpg
Okenite geode. The crystals or very soft but extremely fragile, so I don't allow anyone to touch them.

So if you're interested, hop onboard and lets see if we can't get something going.