[Blooming Poppies] Haiku, Poetry, and Flower Photography

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[Blooming Poppies]

IMG_0323 (1).jpg


blooming poppies
azalea on bended knee
perfect proposal

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Words and Images are my own.

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Hello prydefoltz!

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Nice flowers and cool looking books. I will check them out.

Thank you so much, shortshots:)

 10 months ago (edited)

Nice pictures. My son is a writer ! I will ask him to look over your titles and I will buy one for him as a gift and inspiration that his dream can come true.
Any words of encouragement I should pass on to him?

By the way congratulations on getting not just one book published but six! Your success inspires all others!

Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes; “The happiness of one should lift the spirits of all. “
I think it’s from Buddha... but don’t quote me!


Thank you, lalai.

These days you will find most writers self publish or have a small, very small publisher put forward their work. Writing is for those who love it because it will take most of your time. (Books anyways) But that is okay because it is a way to increased enlightenment.

Your son should write because he cannot imagine doing anything else and then give it love and remove expectation. Then it will reward him everyday:)

Let me know if you do choose a book. I love to know who reads my work:)

Thanks, I will pass the advice on to him.

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