Calendula officinalis

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Commonly called buttercup, marigold, marigold, or marigold, it is an herb in the Asteraceae family.

This flower has multiple properties and benefits for body and skin health. One of the first and best known is its healing capacity, thanks to its rich content of carotenes and flavonoids, it strengthens the skin, protecting it from external aggressions and increasing the production of collagen. In addition, it maintains the hydration of the area and is part of numerous soothing and emollient creams for burns or to heal cracks that appear in the hands and feet. This also enhances its antiseptic, antibacterial and fungicidal power that reduce the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that can occur in wounds or other parts of the body, either due to the humidity conditions in the area or the topical fungal contraction. The infusion or cream can be applied to the affected areas with the help of cotton.

The third of the properties of calendula is its anti-inflammatory capacity both on the skin's surface and as an adjunct in the cure of oropharyngeal infections. To contribute to these two problems, its active ingredient is used in infusions or preparations to gargle to calm the sores that appear inside the mouth, reduce gingival inflammation or to calm the symptoms of pharyngitis. Fourth, it is one of the most used flowers in baby cosmetics due to its softness in low concentrations, to help maintain the health and hydration of these finer and softer skins, especially that of the diaper area, and reduces the risk of irritation.