Do you know what this orchid is called?

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Acinets. It is a genus whose species grow as strong epiphytes
(occasionally lithophytes) plants ranging from central Mexico to
Ecuador. The name of this genus was taken from the Greek word άκίυητος (akinetos) which means "immobile", alluding to the lip of the flower that is firmly attached to the column. It is known by the popular name of "vaquitas". Origin
The type of species of the genus Acineta was "Acineta humboldti",
described in 1843 by Doctor John Lindley
in Edward's Botanical Record. However, the species was discovered by Alexander von Humboldt and botanist Aimé JA Bonpland in the Catacocha Valley near Zaruma, Ecuador and described with CS Kunth (= HBK) in 1815 in Nova Genera et Species Plantarum as Anguloa superba (Humboldt and Bonpland completed a five-year expedition, 1799-1904, through Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador, including trips to Cuba and Mexico). In 1861, Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach transferred it to the genus Acineta, so the name Acineta superba takes precedence over Acineta humboldti.

The species are normally epiphytic and sometimes lithophytic. It develops in mountain forests at altitudes above 2,000 meters above sea level. In nature they are found under the forest canopy in the low humidity, protected from direct sunlight. However, some species live on land or are lithophytes (grow on stone)


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Here it is known by the name of vaquita

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