Marsh Lily (Crinum americanum)

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They are perennial herbaceous plants that grow from thick bulbs up to 15 cm in diameter. The leaves are flat, very long and ridged. The flowers are actinomorphic, hermaphroditic, extremely showy. Perigonium is infundibuliform or rotated, composed of 6 tepals united in their basal part, forming a cylindrical or open tube. The androecium is composed of 6 stamens, which can be shorter or longer than the tepals. The stamens have filiform filaments and versatile anthers, dorsifix. The gynoecium is made up of an inferior ovary, trilocular, with pauci or pluriovulate locules, sometimes uniovulate. The style is filiform and the stigma is undercapitated. The fruit is a capsule. The flowers are arranged in pluriflower umbels at the end of a long, solid, aphyle scape.