📣 Contest Announcement : Talk About your SMARTPHONE || PROMO STEEM CONTEST || SteemShip Contest | Prize: 15 Steem

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Hello Steemitians,

For the very first time, I had the opportunity to organize a contest. This is my first #PromoSteem contest. so first of all I would like to thanks sir @stephenkendal for helping us to promote #promo-steem

This is the age of science. Nowadays All of us have a smartphone. There are many memories & emotions are involved with our smartphone. Today's competition is about your smartphone .. Write about your smartphone. Share with everyone how many emotions are involved with your smartphone...

Do not worry about how much your smartphone is worth it. How much You love your phone is the real matter. That's why write your thought about your smartphone..

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Contest Requirement :

• Your post must be original, Avoid Plagiarism.

• SUBSCRIBE and Make sure to put your entry in SteemShip community and put your entry link in the comment section of this post.

• Title: Contest About your Smartphone || PROMO STEEM CONTEST || SteemShip Contest | Your Text

• Write a minimum of 300 words about your Smartphone.

• Resteem this post for more visibility. You can also tag me like @ripon0630

• Invite 3 of your friends to the contest.

• Use the tags #mysmartphone , #steemexclusive , #aboutsmartphone and your country (Bangladesh for me)

• Do not mention steemcurator01, steemcurator02 if mention- your entry will be disqualified.

• Only one entry per person.

• No language restriction.

• Share Your Post on Twitter, Facebook, AnyOthers Social Media Sites.

• Contest Closing Date May 17, 2021 Bangladesh Time Zone.

• The Winner will be announced after 18 May 2021.

Key to Win :

• Your Smartphone Brand & Model name.

• A little description of your smartphone specification.

• How long are you using this?

• Share some photography of your smartphone.

• Share some selfies of your smartphone.

• How do you feel using the smartphone.


1st Winner5 Steem
2nd Winner5 Steem
3rd Winner5 Steem

I'm really very excited to see everyone's entry. Best of luck to you all.

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Whenever i see your photography i became very amazed.. you have a great skill of capturing photos.. I though you were capture your photos with dslr or some flagship phone...

The efficient snapdragon processor really works good..i appreciate your photography skill..

Thanks.. Nice Entry..

Entry No: 4
 3 months ago (edited)

It one of the Best Mid Budget Phones. Good quality 120hz display and the camera worth it. Sony imx686 is a new sensor and it provides awesome photography. You can also Try google camera Brother.

Entry No : 2

Thank you my brother I will try to get a clear picture.

Thanks for your contest participation

Good luck😊

Entry No: 3

Thank you 🤗🤗

Well done brother, it is new topic and right choice.

Thanks Apu... Everyone can easily participate..

I wanted to buy this phone in 2018. No doubt it's one of the best phone of 2018..I was confused between Redmi Note 5 and s2. It has gained a lot of fame for its selfie camera .. I took the Note 5 for gaming ..

Nicely Done Sister..

Entry No : 1

 3 months ago (edited)

I wanted to buy this phone in 2018. No doubt it's one of the best phone of 2018..I was confused between Redmi Note 5 and s2. It has gained a lot of fame for its selfie camera .. I took the Note 5 for gaming ..

Nicely Done Sister..

Entry No : 1
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Me encanta participaré!

waiting for seeing your entry.. Best of luck... thank you

Good luck for your contest, sir @stephenkendal appreciate #promo-steem contest posts, share this post on your twitter and follow sir stephenkendal and he will promote your contest to his followers. Thanks


nicely described brother..

Redmi Note 8 the national phone of bangladesh in 2020 😀 one of the budget best smartphone from MI brand.. I use this phone for a month.. it's quite good for photography..the stock camera of this phone was not satisfied me then i install the gcam in it And the output was incredible..

Entry No:8

yes. bro. i well change my smart phone 2-3 month letter.

Nicely Done..

Lg is one of the giant company in electronics but they failed in mobile section.. Hope they come back with full power in mobile technology..

Entry No: 9

Well Done brother..

Samsung is the number one android smartphone brand. fews years ago they get lots of complain for hanging problems on their smartphone.. But after ONE UI now all the samsung phone are running well optimized. I am the big fan of ONU UI.

Entry No: 10

Thanks so much Sir