CONTEST : July Promo-Steem Contest || Write About Your Favorite Month In A Year || 20 Steem Prize

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Greetings Everyone,
Announcing July Promo-Steem another contest for this week. This week you have to write a blog about your favorite month that can be your birth month, celebration month, vacation month or a month which has beautiful memories when you achieved something special. Add some original photographs with the blog. I'm going to give you some hints that you can focus and write a beautiful blog to win steem.

Simply this week the contest theme is Your Favorite Month In A Year Presentation of contest blog on your hand. Best performers will win steem.

Hope you people will enjoy participating this contest of SteemShip Community.

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Hints/ Focus On These Areas :

  • Your favorite month would be your birth month, your children's birth month, anniversary or any kind of special day like it would be Christmas, Easter, Eid or Worship celebration in a month you enjoy a lot.

  • Your favorite month would be a month when you take vacation from your regular job and spend time with friends and family. For example: My favorite month is November because I spend my vacation in this month, visit my relatives, celebrate my sister's birthday and this is the month when I joined #steemit in 2017 so this month is special to me in many ways.

  • Your favorite month would be when you achieved something big or you have beautiful memories to share.

Simple Contest Rules To Follow:

  • Plagiarism Strictly Prohibited, your content should be #steemexclusive and it means your content or post only for steemit, don't share it anywhere else.

  • Do not mention steemcurator01, steemcurator02, steemcurator07

  • Follow @steemitblog @stephenkendal and @shohana1

  • No language restriction, you can write on your native language, we can read using translator.

  • The title of your post could be : July Promo-Steem Contest || Write About Your Favorite Month In A Year || Your Desired Text

  • SUBSCRIBE and Make sure to write your post in SteemShip community and put your entry link in the comment section of this post or else your entry won't be count.

  • Tag minimum 3 of your friends on your entry post to invite them for this contest, Supports other participants by upvoting and comment on their post (Give Support Minimum 1 entry and comment on that post and you can follow the tag #steemship

  • This contest is open for anyone who have interests in this.

  • Try to be more creative and unique.

  • Must write at least 250 words with original photographs

  • Must use these tags #favorite-month #steemship your country name like Bangladesh for me, yours would be Venezuela Sri Lanka, Brazil, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Philippine, Indonesia or something else.

  • Make sure you Comment the Link of your Entry under contest Post. MUST FOLLOW THIS

  • Resteem this contest post that more people can reach out and join our discord server for regular community updates.

  • Share your post to social media (Facebook, twitter, reddit, LinkedIn or others)

  • Only one entry per person


Key To Win

  • Read rules carefully and do not miss any.
  • Use tags according to the rule.
  • Use Your Own Concept, Be Real, Be You
  • Be honest!



This contest will be running till the Saturday (July 17 at 11:59 pm Bangladesh time Get Bangladesh Time Here

Total Prize 20 Steem

1st Winner = 6 steem
2nd Winner= 5 steem
3rd Winner = 4 steem
4th Winner= 3 steem
5th Winner= 2 steem

Winners will be rewarded at July 18 - Sunday

Thank You So Much


Image Credit : Sir @stephenkendal


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Thank you so much rat 💖💕❤️

My pleasure @shohana1 🥰

I am definitely doing this contest

Good luck 😊

Thanks and also Jah bless for the good work and I will try to deliver here in @steemship

Do not use "@" for SteemShip use hash tag "#"

Roger that, I am sorry for the mistake.

You can edit anytime 😊 its #SteemShip
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This contest is nice

Thank you so much my friend 💕

wow,, what a nice idea for the contest.,,

Thank you 💖💕❤️

Hallo @shohana1 , thanks for the contest and the chance.. I am from Indonesia... This is my entry

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Thanks for your participation, Good luck
Entry : 05

Great contest.


Thanks for your participation, Good luck
Entry : 08

Saludos a todos. Que buen tema. Estaré participando.

Will waiting to see your participation post, thank you 💖💕❤️