How will this community differ from the Writing & Reviews Community that @fendit and @belenguerra have set up...

Thanks @steemcurator01. I think is pretty important not to duplicate the content of the communities, because there are a lot of topics to abord here in #steemit, and the key to making the platform grow inside and outside, is make the difference between communities, and to invite people to join, with original material. If we have 2 or 3 communities about same things, none of them will develop enough strength to make #steemit visible.

I understand that, and I completely agree with you too. My intention is not to steal your target audience. I love your community idea on how we can submit our reviews there. My community is about life experiences.

If we have 2 or 3 communities about same things, none of them will develop enough strength to make #steemit visible.

I agree with you, that's why this community has a completely different perspective.

Please @fendit and you read my reply on @steemcurator01 comment.

 last month (edited)

Hello @steemcurator01,

As they had mentioned in their post that, their community is all about reviews writing and also some creative poems and stories.

Here you'll be able to find poems, stories and all sorts of writing. As well as this, reviews are also welcome! We'd love to hear about the movie you've seen, the book you've read and any other article you feel like sharing with us.

But on the other side, my intended audience is the one who loves to share their life experiences, e.g, what they have learned, what is their goals, travelling blog etc. This community is completely different from them and has nothing to do with their content. This community will not attract their audience for the same content.

Moreover, this community is created for the help of steemians. As I mentioned above every member of this community will get a little extra help.

To promote your posts, you can reach out at “Promote Yourself” tab on our Discord Server

This is not it, I have lots of future planning for this community, I have created @magical500words account specifically for this community. I am planning to add some steem power on this. Also, once this community will reach to a good number of members then I have some more plans to execute.

Every effort is made on my behalf, purely my decision. All thoughts, pictures, servers belong to me and are managed by me.

If everything is clear now, then please allow me to repost community introduction. As these comments may effect community reputation.

Repost will be made on 19th September, any further question/clerification will be done here only.


Hi shahil bhai help chaiya how I contact you

I agree with @belenguerra, we had come up with this idea and made our best to create a place in which people could develop their writing, in whichever way they felt like doing.

I've went through this post and it seems like some phrases have been paraphrased from the one I posted in our community. It looks pretty much alike. I see no point in creating a community just like the one we're developing, we're making a huge effort to recruit people and to engage with them and this for sure is no help for it.

We are really talking about it, and we don't understand the reason of creating a community that proposes the same as ours, and that seeks to promote the creative spirit in writing, such as the Writing & Reviews community, which as @fendit says, not only we have made an effort to create it and make it grow, but behind each publication there is a lot of creative work of us, to be able to promote #steemit and engage more users to make good publications not for our growth, but for the growth of this platform.

In an area where the repudiation of plagiarism is promoted, we feel that it is precisely what they are doing with our community, a copy. They just haven't added the Reviews part.

I would never tag both of you in my post if it was a copy.

Please do not spread hate and allegation. Your Comment is against the community's rules & Guidelines as this might effect on my reputation. We are here to discuss not to harm one another's reputation.

Please do not spread multiple threads of same comments. Please read my reply to @steemcurator01 thanks.

Please follow me. ı am new in steemit.😊

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