From old mushroom to baby yoda

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This is a cross post of @jonatftforest/from-old-mushroom-to-baby-yoda by @acidyo.

Baby Yoda :3


@acidyo, Thank you so much for sharing this Artistic Craftsmanship piece with us and hope that this piece will be curated with more weight because in my opinion Art of @jonatftforest deserve that. Stay blessed.

A nice little earner for all that effort. lol

Sarcasm aside - do you see a problem here, with the rewards?
(is this reward pool rape, whatever)

Am I being stoopid here?

Am I missing something?

Did you check where the rewards are going?

I did not sir, hence me asking if I was being

It sends 90% of the rewards to the original author.


So that means you get 10% rewards for posting a link?

In this case, even after downvotes (so far), you'd receive 65 cents or so?
For posting a link.

I see a wide open window for serious abuse you not?
(or am I still being stoopid?)

This is how curation worked before rewards: people discovered great content online and shared it on their blog.

That had a monetary value for both: the curator built their following, depending on how good they were at finding great content. Sites like kottke and daring fireball are mostly shared links with minimal added commentary and have tens of thousands of page views a day. For the creator because additional visibility and thus potentially increased ad views and clicks.

In a next stage came platforms like reddit, digg, and then FB shares and Twitter. Posting the link again could have a monetary value depending on the reach of the "curator". And both on reddit and digg members have actively charged to share links, charged because they did have reach and would drive 30-50k views in 24hrs.

No,I see no issue in 5% earnings for those who discover solid content and share it to new audiences. Even less so if it means that the original creator of the post earns additionally.

Did you unblock me? lol

Not the droids you're looking for.

If ever I blocked you - the number of people I blocked is abysmally small - I don't remember why nor do I remember why I would have unblocked you? But if you insist...

5% goes to the community and 5% to me. Actually I didn't post the link, I just clicked a couple buttons on Steempeak. About the rewards, yeah guess a lot of people still have me on autovote, guess I can just post normally instead if people don't like the cross-posts or feel I'm making too much sharing others work in the appropriate communities.

And yeah, people will always attempt to abuse, but we have downvotes now, just downvoted someone for cross-posting an old post he already had gotten a payout from. :D

I wasn't have a go at you,(much lol), just pointing out the potential abuse.

How long before the non-producers are cross posting everything to everywhere, to cash in the few percent?

I'm seeing a recipe for a disaster

(But what do I know? I'm still trying to get to grips with the community postings!lol)

@acidyo from the looks of this one, cross-posting is unwelcomed among the whales. No worries though...steem on


Just some idiots who can't accept downvotes on overrewarded garbage and do anything to retaliate. I don't think this is about crossposting in general as they hit all of my posts the same.

Wow I'm sorry to hear that...and sorry for saying thats good to know. I have a handful of artist friends who are awaiting confirmation here on steemit and planned on helping them by sharing their work.

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