Another Day another Arc in the Steem-Tron Saga, Brace for the Finale

in OCDlast year (edited)

A trojan horse to ultimately transform the honey badger of blockchains into a tronian pony.

Or to not to.

Cue The Recap Arc:


That was part of an elaborate article I was going to post Saturday on this whole Justin-Steem saga, which was going to include a recap, some updates, and closing it by reminding people to cast their votes in.

It was a long one, but as I was getting to the editing part, even more updates had flooded in at the time and it was too much to keep up with. So I scratched the whole thing.

Besides, I'm sure y'all already know all about the situation, and probably in way more depth than me.

Plus, in the words of the great Busta Rhymes; If you don't know now you know n__ga! Never really understood that line but that's that, this post's not, rhymes with forked nuts.

Anyways, I just couldn't let that first paragraph go to waste as I believe it's a true masterpiece, potentially an award winning foreshadow or setup for a plot twist. But then again, I might just be biased.

But hey, who isn't, specially these last few days.

Cue the Witness Voting Arc:


This whole situation is scary though. Kind of reminds me of that time when Goku gave some energy to Frieza on planet Namek to save himself. Oh you don't know what I'm implying? Ok boomer!

Obviously, I'm just stalling before getting to the meat and potato of this post. You know where it's going, I know where it's going but, the word count ain't just there yet.

I mean, I could just tell you to go vote here. I could just remind you that the witnesses marked in yellow are JS's sock puppets, and if I'm feeling cheeky, bring up the potential racism in that coloring scheme, and that would be it. But nope, that would be way too easy.

What you want is a story. A story with a hero, a villain, and most importantly, a narrative that fits your beliefs, values and lambo goals. Lucky you I want the same thing, lucky you I'm the narrator, but unlucky you I can't do shit about this 3 or 4 way tug of war, alone.

Reality is a whole other beast though. You are the villain, I most definitely am the villain, and Justin is also the villain. You are the hero, I most definitely am the hero, and Justin is also the hero.

For now at least, and only time will tell which of those realities history will make reality.



Hey you. Yes, you. Want to write history? They say that history is written by the victors and you too can today.

8 of our real witnesses are currently our last line of defense and you too could help in sending reinforcements by voting them in if you haven't already.

Simply go to;; >>

Vote, and hope for the best!

P.S: The witnesses marked in yellow are JS's sock puppets, avoid them at all costs.


As we have seen in these last few days, our governance system needs some heavy tweaking. Going forward I hope more fair systems will be considered and implemented.

I for one support the 1 SP 1 vote when witness, SPS voting, and yes, content voting too. Guess I'm greedy like that. But hey, if we really want true decentralization I believe that's the way to go, that those are the evils we must undertake in this DPOS system.



All the images are mine!


Don't be scared. Once i fully have taken over the top 20 witness spots again this chain will be stopped and tokens will be swapped for a super sexy token on my TRON blockchain. #thisIsFine #thisIsTheFuture

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