With Forbidden Roots - An Inkwell Response

in OCDlast year (edited)

Hi all, this is my entry for the inkwell poetry contest which was tackling "Freedom" as the theme this week.

I decided to take it on from a different approach sooo, let me know what you think. And as for what it inspired the piece, well, you can let me know about that too.😜

Tic Tac Boom - by OpenClipart-Vectors - CCO, Pixabay.com

With Forbidden Roots;

Special thanks to the good book
That gave us the template,

With forbidden roots;

We tip our hats to made up truths
And cave to emotional coups
That give free will the boot,
And bootleg free thought
In one fell swoop,

Designer lies for the blind followers
And worn out shoes go to insiders
While gifts are given to critics,
It's just fitting,

No touchy subjects please
They're licensed to frisk,
Think twice before you think
Or risk a one way trip
To an an open casket,

It's madness!

Just madness but they lose their lore
The closer we get,
Like widgets with broken features,
Not so public figures lose face
When putting on a tactful front,

They sealed their own fates,
Cash in hand once meant
They could finess their
Way to popular

Just yesterday, cash in hand
Had them spoken for and
Now it's pitchforks
By the thousands,

Man how fast the tables can turn,
A new crack of dawn of is seen
And don wannabes still in
Their feelings, unwilling
To take a back seat,

But so be it, a war was just won,
Odds are history repeats itself
But until then, the juices
Of freedom just taste
Too sweet,

A kiss in the morning, and a kiss at night,
Neighbors share a drink with high hopes
Memories of the ordeal and camaraderie
Last past their children's lifetimes.



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