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Ahoy, Steemians!
Long time no see, oh long time. Many things have happened in the meantime. Job search, job, job search, private projects, skewers and many walks by the sea. And if I follow, as far as my modest possibilities, what is happening here on steem, I still could not throw anything sensible here. Finally mana accumulated and I was able to draw a picture especially for you - as in the good old days.

And now the story:
As you probably remember - the City is besieged by hordes. And now Jurassiki has arrived. Their intentions are unknown, they were earlier noticed by people from the observatory and placed great hopes in fighting hordes. As it turns out, Jurassiki are a randomized group of travelers between the worlds and they came to the outskirts of the city by accident. The first character they encountered is the brother of a fugitive from Pharmakom. He wanders in the wastelands on the outskirts of the City in search of food and possibly his brother, but the only thing he ever encounters is the hordes. What will result from his meeting with Jurassics? Will they help him find his lost brother? Will they help the city? We'll find out in the next episodes ...


Larger image

Process video:

Process screenshots:

Music by @sadheaven aka Paul Infrasonic.
He made this beautiful track for video.
Track: Jurassiki

You can support him here:

You can follow my work or contact or support me here:

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Yeahhhh a new artwork from Arrr😊😊

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Yeah, @georgeboya! Arrr is back! Finally I make it and I hope that from now I'll draw more frequently.

Yes please, i missed your amazing illustrations:)


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This looks so cool Arrr!

Thank you dear, @thilah!

This is so awesome !!! I love every details you draw especially when you show us your work in progress !!!

Thank you, @aalagenesis! I'm really glad that you found that process video interesting and you like the piccarrr itself! :DDD

Thank you @khawarshah! I'm very glad that you like my work. :)

Yor are welcome

Thank you @secora! It's very encouraging that you like my piccarrr!

Love the artwork especially given the well constructed backstory..🙂 cheers!

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Thank you @awake1inadream! I'm very glad that you like my work. If you like the story behind it, you can explore previuos episodes on my blog here.

Cool...I like what you maid here. I come soon back and look more what you go post. 👌🤗😋😋😋💡

Thank you @foxkoit!! I hope you like the next episodes as well :D

We go see 👌😋👌

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