Day 2, there was so much to see and do

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Return of the Fun Side

Things were getting pretty touchy elsewhere, so far the fun seems to have returned, there seems to be new life in the post that I have seen, more energy more excitement, and yes a few question. You just have to love that small group behind PEAKD, Question were asked, and a post was made and questions were answered, well at least some of mine were.

They have a nice new logo, I just had to play with it a little bit, I hope someone can clean it up and make it look more professional, @jaynie was the one who made the real one you can see it on the peakd post from a few hours ago.: I just added the I at top and Did you? at the bottom, I thought it would make a some what conversation starter T-Shirt. one of the questions I had was about the delegations, and that got answered. I really didn't have a lot of questions, well I didn't think I had a lot of question until they gave answers to unasked questions.

This is a wonderful start to the Hive Chain, trying to get answers or trying to find out what was going on in Steem block Chain was a real issue. So I for one am very thankful that we have at least one Front End developer group that are listening to and communicating to their users. They have set and continually raise the bar of how to interact with their user base. Future Front ends I hope take note, and provide the same kind of support to their users.

So how did day one go, for me it was a good day. Long but good. Being in Alaska the chain was already up and running when I woke up. It did not take me long to find PEAKD and to begin interacting on the chain. This is actually my second post, two days and I am on my second post already, so yep, I like it all so far.

A few small glitches along the way, a couple of hours where I could not do anything, but that wan't to bad either as it gave me a little bit of time to look over steem chain and get some voting done.

Peaklock was a breeze to set up, not cumbersome at all. In the post linked above:

PEAKLOCK: People are checking out PeakLock for signing and logging in... just know every new tab and every time you refresh your browser you'll have to enter your PIN again... i'd keep it simple. Pin is pretty safe unless someone gets access to your device.
i have not found this to be an issue, I had to put my code in twice initial page, then the first tab, but after that, nope no more pop up and asking for the code, I did chose the keep me logged in for 24 hour option so that may have done it, even if it does pop up its just 5 digits.

I have to say I am very much liking the List Function. One of the list topics I have is a witness list, I will be reviewing and then selecting my witness soon, for now I am just leaving them with my proxy, but that will change.So when I run across a witness post I add them to the list, and then i will have an easier time reviewing their post and actions when the time comes. I also have a lot of other topics on my list, based on what mood I am in, I can quickly find something, maybe. This is a very user friendly option and can be set up how a person likes, If I need a little comic relief or some fun I have a list for it. When I want to arm chair travel, boom one button click and I am flying all over the world, Time to find a game to play, I just know they will come to this chain and I am ready to roll with that list. My list will grow this is just the beginning. You don't need to be following someone to have them show up in your list, they are there just as if you are following them. So are you in one of those high school cliques that go like "Well I don't like her, and your her friend so now I don't like you", syndrome no problem now with list you can shadow follow someone.
It has been a fun two days.


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