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RE: The Curation and Engagement Leagues 🏆

in OCDlast year

That was rather surprising to see, fourth place. I guess it was due to the drop in comments being made over-all, the only number that was more than last week for me was the length of my comments, but things were a bit complicated to answer or respond to this week.

Not sure how I feel about that finish, comments were down a lot this week over all, it was nice to see the increase in the votes, but that was the only weekly that bucked the downward trend.

I know times are pretty tough both on steem, and in the walking world. Both have their viruses seemingly running out of control, in the walking world it is covid-19, and on steem block chain it is justin sun. The world will survive the covid-19 of that I am sure, I am less sure if the steem block chain will survive. I think it will, but only time will tell.

With covid-19 we pretty much know how to avoid and combat and protect ourselves, with justin sun it seems we don't. With covid-19 it is avoidance of close contact, with justin sun we need to keep contact going among the real community, keep commenting, keep voting, keep visiting keep being social. We need to show the crypto world that there can be so much more to crypto other than a quick pump and dump unsustainable economy.

This last year with a stable price of even only twelve cents, people were growing and connecting and enjoying steem block chain. As we need to be proactive in protecting ourselves from the covid-19 virus we need to be equally proactive in defending steem block chain from the justin sun virus.

Take time to look at this page of the current witness selections, take note of how many real accounts are voting for the witnesses. (Thats column 6 across the top). If you honestly think that any of the sun virus accounts have the backing of the people then steem block chain will die. I know many have issues with some of the witnesses we have had in the past, that they still have issue with some of those witnesses, I know I have issues with some, the only way we are going to survive is if we put those issues aside for awhile and vote for the ones that can realistically get in the top 20.

After things have returned to a more normal state, then we can go back to voting witnesses that we have no issues with. Remember we are not locked into who we vote for as witness, you can change your votes every single day if you like, or if one of them pisses you off.

Sorry for the long comment, I like the steem block chain, I would like to see control returned back to the people, dysfunctional family as we were.