How Has Steem Impacted My Life Initiative

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How has Steemit impacted my life?

Nearly to have two years using the platform, I will share the impact of my journey pointing out several aspects:

From the management and effective use of the platform

From this aspect I must recognize that my skills were on the rise. It was not very assiduous with interactions through social networks, nor creating content on a platform such as Steemit. From the moment I take the initiative to join, I begin with the task of adopting digital skills.

Step by step, with the help of some Latin users and communities, I acquired marckdow techniques with which I was improving the presentation of my publications.

In summary, During these first actions, Steemit gave me the opportunity to refine useful digital social skills to continue navigating in this beautiful ecosystem.

On a personal level

From a personal point of view, the growth in information management, as well as in the process of reading and writing, I feel that I have a very good command.

Writing has always been my passion but the frequency with which I have developed each of the publications has given me greater confidence to continue offering content.

In addition to the above I can add about my satisfaction every time I express feelings and emotions through some content, or provide some information regarding my knowledge. Interacting and contributing make me feel great satisfaction.

Steemit brings me peace and well-being at times when I need it most.

In the Entrepreneurship Area

Steemit has given me the opportunity to get involved in a financial world that I would never have imagined. I feel that this is one of the most important and relevant aspects because step by step I have been understanding how, when, where, why and why to invest.

From the area of ​​entrepreneurship we get involved in the digital financial world and its implications in relation to crypto, an innovative and expectant approach.

In summary, the area of ​​entrepreneurship continues to provide me with opportunities to create business ideas that, although it does not cover the technological field, can cover other contexts without major inconveniences.


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