Loneliness - Original Poetry

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Stagnated air creates no breath
Diluted mixtures give no substance
Everything stays the same
Until the pieces drift away
Little by little
Unnoticed until it’s too late

Do I miss you?
Do I miss the group?
Or is it only the idea of you
The idea of a group
The sense of community
I knew it was paper thin, and yet
I allowed it
I breathed, and believed
Believed my lungs were filled with air
Believed I was feeding on nutrients
Maybe I was
Maybe a seed was planted that could have grown
Watered with your love
My love
The love of us all

But things happen
Little pieces chip away
The wear and tear of life
It requires maintenance
Did we fail to provide?
Something falls off that we can’t replace
We try to do without it
The wind blows less strongly
Though now it doesn’t seem to blow at all

I miss you, I miss you
I often think to come back
But what to say? What to do?
I feel as empty as my words

Boiled down to it’s simplest form
This is loneliness
A longing for what we had before.

I’ve seen a few posts saying everyone’s moving to something called “Hive”? I’m not sure what that is, but I guess I should be posting that there instead of here? I don’t really get it... I’m not sure if I’m going to check it out.

I’m also not sure how these community things work? Hopefully I posted to it correctly.

I have no idea why there’s there’s this long gap at the end of my post or how to get rid of it.


Loneliness is quite underated but it's negative effects linger long after it has left. One of it's effects on me is pushing people away.

Yes you should get to Hive and to Uptrennd too. Good platforms. You can cross post your creations on the three platforms too. Good luck :)

Sorry for the late reply. I was offline much longer than intended. A side effect of the lonliness too - I tend to isolate too much and stay gone for long periods of time. I read it when you sent it and upvoted it, I just didn’t have the energy to reply.

But I’d like to know more about Hive and Uptrend. How can I cross post my works to them? What’s the difference between them and Steemit?

oh dear! how much did I feel the deepness of your words...I am speechless
nice to meet you!

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